White directed by Uday Ananthan is an extremely dramatic presentation of a really shallow romantic equation. With character nature becoming tough to digest and the developments having an awkward pace, White becomes boring throughout its narration. White is about this girl Roshini. She is a techie and gets an on-site project in London. After her … Read more



There are instances in the movie PaVa (Pappanekurichum Varkkiyekkurichum) where the writer has teased the greedy attitude of religions in a humorous way. The only thing I probably enjoyed in this movie was that. With actors struggling to play the characters with conviction, and content failing to have a clear vision on what exactly to … Read more



He is known as the Chuck Norris of India (or should I say Chuck Norris is the Rajinikanth of Hollywood??). But the movie Kabali marks a definite change from that image. Images and conversations that stun you for this striking change is what actually grabbed my attention in this Pa Ranjith movie. Apart from those … Read more



Kasaba is a movie for those who enjoy the use of misogyny to create heroism. In the recent interviews done for the promotion of Kasaba, Nithin Renji Panicker and Mammootty has repeatedly said that Nithin’s style and making are totally different from his father. Well after having seen his creation, I wont agree to their … Read more