Kahaani 2


It is always a tough task to live up to the expectations of a well made movie when you try to make a franchise sequel to it. With Kahaani 2, Sujoy Ghosh tries to pitch another thrilling story in a real world scenario. While the treatment is much similar to the previous movie, the script … Read more



It may not have any political texture to its credit like Zootopia, but Moana from Disney is a cheerful animated movie that has enough to entertain you with its well structured story and a narration that has practical humor. With an engagingly paced screenplay getting the right mix of music and wits, Moana offers a … Read more

Ore Mukham


The film Ore Mukham’s major portion is set in the 80’s. And the issue with the entire movie is that it has been written and directed as if it was a movie released in the 80’s. With every character speaking all those printed dialogues and the quintessential thrill not getting created at any point makes … Read more



Most of the films that featured Vijay Antony in the lead role had interesting premises that created curiosity. Even his last film Pichaikkaran created a good impression in the box office and we all saw one of the scenes becoming a hit in the recent past after the demonetization tactics. Coming to the film Saithan, … Read more

10 Kalpanakal


When the movie “Breaking News Live” got released, I remember concluding the review saying people should stop abusing women, at least to save us from amateurish movies that are based on such attacks. In a way 10 Kalpanakal from editor turned director Don Max offers the same amount of amateurishness to the table. Don Max … Read more

Dear Zindagi


Just like her first film English Vinglish, the new one Dear Zindagi from Gauri Shinde is also a heart warming enlightening movie that works immensely because its relatable on an emotional level and the narrative sticks close to the practicality of relationships and personal conflicts and you get immersed in those long conversations. Kaira is … Read more