Kadaram Kondan

SPOILER ALERT! The entire climax of the movie Kadaram Kondan has Vikram’s character KK walking into a police station wearing a mere half jacket of police as a disguise (The second best disguise after Clark Kent’s glasses). He is a wanted criminal in the police records and while he almost makes a chaotic scene inside […]

Article 15

When the movie Article 15 got announced and even when the trailer of the movie dropped, one thing that sort of bothered me was that whether it will end up being a semi-documentary that one will have to appreciate only for the intent. But the most appreciable thing about this movie is that you can […]

Super 30

There is a scene in the movie Super 30 where an upper-class private tuition center head tries to threaten Anand Kumar. And the response Kumar gives to him is that “everywhere you guys have forced us to stand at the very end of the line, even death will take some time to reach us”. That […]

Marconi Mathai

If any of you have this feeling that the wacky style Lijo Jose Pellissery used in Amen and the typical emotional angle Rajkumar Hirani uses in his films are very easy filmmaking techniques, then Marconi Mathai from Sanil Kalathil will show you how bizarre such treatments can look if handled badly. Marconi Mathai is like […]

Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo

Within its constrained plot, G Prajith’s Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo tries to be two things; a social satire and an emotional journey of its central character. If you look at it that way, it is somewhat similar to writer Sajeev Pazhoor’s first film Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. While the black comedy aided satiric aspect of this movie is […]


There will be a category of the audience who won’t be interested in things like nuanced writing or the craft in the making etc. if there is a message attached to the film. Director Vyasan KP’s new film Shubharathri is designed for such people. The movie is an overflow of goodness and for anyone who […]

Pathinettam Padi

Pathinettam Padi, the debut directorial venture of Shankar Ramakrishnan is an extremely distracted film. The movie wants to address a lot of things within its elaborate runtime of around 160 minutes. But the predictability in the story and the stiffness in the making makes it a film that won’t inspire on any level. Sudeep Elamon’s […]


When asked about their criterion for picking a subject, writer duo Bobby and Sanjay recently said in an interview that they will choose only those subjects that sort of come back to them without losing the element of excitement. I am talking about this writer duo because the latest film from director KK Rajeev, Evidey’s […]