Porinju Mariam Jose

There is an ongoing debate about whether there is a notion among people that only realistic cinema is considered as good cinema as almost all the well-accepted movies followed that treatment in the recent past. Even though you can’t call Porinju Mariam Jose as a novel idea, one of the main takeaways for me after […]


The one-liner concept of the idea of a guy waking up from coma after 16 years and not being able to cope with the technological advancement is indeed a fascinating thought. Comali, the new Jayam Ravi movie gave us a feeling that the movie is trying to explore that particular concept when its trailer released. […]

Batla House

When you approach a real-life incident based cinema that is still controversial even after the people involved in it got a clean chit from authorities, the situation is extremely tricky. You will have to take a stand and make that stand believable. Batla House, the new John Abraham movie directed by Nikhil Advani is one […]

Mission Mangal

In the new movie Mission Mangal, almost every character is drawing inspiration from things they see in real life. One’s trick to make Poori becomes the foundation of the project and at a crucial point, one character switches off the power of the main system and turns it on remembering what her husband said when […]


Ambili, Johnpaul George’s second film after Guppy is very much in the zone of his debut film. The aim of the director is pretty much the same and just like Guppy, we are left in a zone where we will think about the characters we just saw on screen. Even though things are somewhat predictable, […]

Nerkonda Paarvai

In Pink when Deepak Sehgal shows Rajveer Singh a photo of Rajveer’s sister Rajveer threatens Sehgal in a lower voice saying you don’t know who you are messing with. The response of Sehgal played by Amitab Bachchan was silence. But when it comes to Nerkonda Paarvai, Bharath Subramaniam played by Ajith has a verbal mass […]


When I saw the trailer of the movie Kalki, it lacked a punch which one expects in a so-called mass action movie with an alpha male. If you have felt the same way, then I can tell you that the movie is pretty much an elaborated version of that trailer in terms of feel. There […]