Meppadiyan by Vishnu Mohan is a mix of clichés and interesting plot twists. The story here will remind you of the family dramas prominent in Malayalam cinema almost two decades ago. Vishnu Mohan basically revamps that genre with a central conflict that is relatable to nearly all the middle-class people in society. Thus Meppadiyan becomes… Continue reading Meppadiyan


A successful coverup of murder is something that we have seen in movies like Drishyam. The new Prime Reels release Guardian, directed by Prof. Satheesh Paul, has a similar nature where you don’t have any suspense. The concept here had ample scope to be an exciting idea. Still, the absolute absence of craft and the… Continue reading Guardian


During the panel discussion of the recent Movie Street conclave about the last decade of Malayalam cinema, the topic of scientific accuracy came across and one of the invitees criticized the unreal visual presentation of laboratories in our movies. Seeing the colorful forensic laboratory in the movie Forensic I kind of giggled whenever it was… Continue reading Forensic

Driving License

Writer Sachy has a knack to find interesting conflicts in his stories and the new movie Driving License featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Suraj Venjaramood is a product of identifying one such peculiar conflict. Somewhere along the line Driving License becomes a study about that fine line between ego and self-respect. Driving license is a little bit… Continue reading Driving License

Jack & Daniel

When you see a bad film and you call it a bad film, you will get that satisfaction of expressing your disappointment. But there are some spectacularly bad movies that will make you feel that you are being soft on the movie even when you are saying the movie is a horrible one. The new… Continue reading Jack & Daniel