Khaali Peeli

From the trailer itself, it was very clear that Khaali Peeli is your run-of-the-mill masala entertainer. And the movie has no plans to confuse you with this tone of the film. The very first scene itself is that high-on-masala moment where the hero walks out of the jail in slow motion showing off his physique… Continue reading Khaali Peeli

London Confidential

I have heard that during the times of world wars, there used to be mediocre and caricaturish anti-Hitler and anti- Soviet movies that got screened in the US to propagate that hate against the enemy. Heavily jingoistic and largely with no elements of freshness, the only intention was to elate the nationalism in everyone. London… Continue reading London Confidential


The trailer of the Pakistani web series Churails gave us the vibe of an all-women vigilante saga which has a feministic outlook. But like almost all quality web series trailers, this one was also a deceptive one. The 10 episode web series is a shapeshifter that generates animosity towards gender bias and deep-rooted patriarchy through… Continue reading Churails


Pareeksha from Prakash Jha is yet another social commentary from the director about the oppression faced by the Dalit in our country. The movie isn’t actually a complicated topic and we get a clear picture of its focus and aim in the very beginning itself. But in the second half of this movie, Jha presents… Continue reading Pareeksha