If your proximity with someone who’s fuel to move forward is the pitying sympathy he or she gets from others is close, then Pity will be that extremely understandable dark comedy. I know a lot of such people and personally, I felt this was the harshest way to show them their fundamental flaw. So an… Continue reading Pity


Shoplifters was an experience where I saw something that could have been grey and gloomy getting interpreted in a positive way. It takes its time to set the tone of the movie and also to let us settle with the onscreen family. But after that when it starts to peel off everything it made us… Continue reading Shoplifters


Capernaum is hard to describe in a few sentences. From being raw about situations to being humane at many points, the smile of the main character Zain at the very end of the movie was a deeply disturbing reality for me. The roughly two-hour long movie from Nadine Labaki achieves that result by excavating multiple… Continue reading Capernaum