Moothon may have a title that is focused on a single person, but the film is actually about those who are sort of living a dual life under different circumstances. If you try to analyze it meticulously, you might feel that some of the events in the second half could have got trimmed a bit. […]


41 directed by Laljose is actually an attempt to show how an atheist became a believer when he went through certain life events. But the problem is with the screenplay that wants to mock a lot of things along the way. There is nothing wrong with mocking the double standards of political parties. Someone like […]

Under World

Under World is a movie that has its discrete moments of gangster swagger. Writer Shibin Francis is trying to place a typical Hollywood style gangster thriller in the backdrop of Kerala. While the predictability and the occasional over the top sequences drag this Arun Kumar Aravind movie backward, the aspiration to be a true blue […]

Akashaganga 2

Akashaganga 2 is really a variety entertainer. The comedy in the movie will terrify you and the horror treatment will make you laugh out loud. Towards the climax of the movie a black magician asks the ghost to leave the body of our heroine and it says no. That conversation was somewhat the peak of […]


Remember the movie 4 the people? The vigilante thriller from Jayaraj that became a huge hit mostly because of the song “Lajjavathiye”. Well, the intention of the makers of the movie Safe starring Anusree, Aparna Gopinath and Siju Wilson is to create that kind of a thriller. But the problem is that the idea is […]