Sabaash Chandrabose

In the recent past, we have seen movies with thin plots working immensely as entertainers. The second movie from VC Abhilash after Aalorukkam, Sabaash Chandrabose, is a stretched comedy that works partially because of the setting. Set in the backdrop of the ’80s, this film starring Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Johny Antony is half-baked yet sporadically… Continue reading Sabaash Chandrabose

Sayanna Varthakal

The very last scene and the few minutes before that in the film Sayanna Varthakal somewhere show us what motivated Arun Chandu and co-writer Sachin R Chandran to explore an extremely sensitive topic that has relevance in the current political scenario of India. But the randomness in the treatment of various phases of the film… Continue reading Sayanna Varthakal


Aavasavyuham from Krishand, which won the state award for the best screenplay, is an original thought that looks very peculiar. It is very much a genre blend. We have a supernatural element driving the whole plot from the beginning. Then it takes the form of a mockumentary. And it eventually reaches that “educative” cinema trope,… Continue reading Aavasavyuham


At one point in the second half of Paappan, the police head, played by Vijayaraghavan, got angry at police officers investigating a murder when they brought up a possible bible reference. He was like, why the hell all these serial killers are referring bible? Why can’t they do something using Geeta or Quran? Almost everyone… Continue reading Paappan


Abrid Shine has always chosen themes that were unique for his movies. His new movie, Mahaveeryar, starring Nivin Pauly and Asif Ali, is a wacky fantasy that gets a satirical treatment with political layers. While it does hold your interest with its fantasy element and political statements, there is a sense of vagueness in some… Continue reading Mahaveeryar


When a movie has too many sequences that an editor can easily remove from the narrative, it clearly shows the lack of clarity in writing. Anoop Menon’s directorial venture, Padma, is a messed-up script that just doesn’t know how to treat its central conflict. With pointless humor bits, which they confidently released as teasers, exposing… Continue reading Padma