Panthrand, the new movie from Leo Thaddeus, is this biblical adaptation set in the backdrop of Kerala. It takes a while for the divine drama to let the viewer know its plan. But the structuring of the drama is so dull that even when they reveal the surreal side of the story, the narrative’s emotional… Continue reading Panthrand

Priyan Ottathilanu

Priyan Ottathilanu, the new movie starring Sharaf U Dheen as the central character, is a film that tries to impart positivity in an unattractive way. When Priyan justifies his accommodating nature by taking the example of the Lemon n Spoon race, it felt more like a desperate attempt to hide his inability to say things… Continue reading Priyan Ottathilanu

Suzhal: The Vortex

Suzhal: The Vortex may not be that entirely foolproof thriller that you will appreciate for its attention to detail. But this series from Pushkar -Gayathri knows how to play the game emotionally. Directed by Bramma and Anucharan, Suzhal is an engagingly-paced thriller that focuses beyond the thrills of being a whodunit. The series is set… Continue reading Suzhal: The Vortex


Heaven, the new crime thriller starring Suraj Venjaramood as the hero, is a movie that manages to be engaging due to how it is structured. Unni Govindraj and co-writer PS Subramanian have moved away from the general straightforward investigation pattern. Despite being that background score-driven thriller treatment that doesn’t excite you much, the distributed nature… Continue reading Heaven

Prakashan Parakkatte

The problem with Prakashan Parakkatte as a movie is precisely the problem of its central protagonist; lack of focus. With its episodic nature that lacks depth, Prakashan Parakkatte never gives you an idea of what it wants to depict. When the movie reached its interval, I thought the film was about to get some shape.… Continue reading Prakashan Parakkatte


The premise of the latest Tovino Thomas Keerthy Suresh starrer Vaashi is a very interesting one. Two lawyers who are in a relationship are our central characters. They appear as the prosecutor and defense lawyer in a case that dealt with rape based on the promise to marry. But the legal drama directed by Vishnu… Continue reading Vaashi

Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Divyang Thakkar’s directorial debut Jayeshbhai Jordaar is definitely a movie that is preachy for a large part. But it never felt like a film that was using its theme just for the sake of having this “relevant” movie tag. With Ranveer Singh shedding all his heroic tropes and delivering a sincere performance, Jayeshbhai Jordaar is… Continue reading Jayeshbhai Jordaar