Naane Varuvean

In Naane Varuvean, Dhanush, as a writer, tries to cover up the flatness in the story by uniquely placing the conflict. And with Selvaraghavan’s eccentric style of filmmaking, the storytelling becomes much more visual than verbal. Yes, there are areas where the movie takes too much cinematic liberty to make things convenient for the story.… Continue reading Naane Varuvean

Hush Hush

The new Amazon Prime Video series by Tanuja Chandra, Hush Hush, has an interesting premise. The entire emotional graph of the series feels like the first episode of a compelling thriller. The plot that deals with human trafficking and connections on a higher level are not a totally unfamiliar terrain. But Chandra tries to make… Continue reading Hush Hush

Babli Bouncer

If I had no clue that Madhur Bhandarkar directed Babli Bouncer, it would have been just one of those forgettable comedies for me. Seeing the sheer blandness in the new Tamannaah Bhatia starrer, one would wonder how a national award-winning director like Bhandarkar thought this was enough to entertain people. With shoddy writing and shallow… Continue reading Babli Bouncer


I must admit that seeing a movie about a serial killer who kills film critics for their bad reviews was indeed a memorable experience and something I had never anticipated witnessing. R Balki’s Chup has a peculiar premise, and to a great extent, he uses violence and the quirkiness of the thought to make it… Continue reading Chup


In Chattambi, the idea is ultimately built around the discrimination faced by the central character Karia. However, the Shakespearian-style gangster drama doesn’t have consistency in maintaining the drama. Chattambi is a movie that tries to show the other side of how someone gets labeled as a goon. Even though it starts off impressively, the impact… Continue reading Chattambi

King Fish

At one point in the movie, King Fish, the maid in the house Anoop Menon’s character visits, says something profound when he asks her about a closed door in the house. As he stands bewildered about that response, another helper in the house tells him that she might have learned that from Facebook or WhatsApp.… Continue reading King Fish