You: Season 3

Watching a series with a psychopath as its central character looks pretty problematic when you think about the political correctness aspect of the whole idea. But what is fascinating about this thriller series created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti is that they managed to develop a genuine curiosity in us to know how a… Continue reading You: Season 3

Sardar Udham

At a time when jingoism and hyper-nationalism are getting celebrated even in movies, director Shoojit Sircar came up with a terrific film that is easily a master class on how to make such movies with perfect use of creative liberty and facts. For most people alive today Jalianwala Bagh massacre would be that 5 or… Continue reading Sardar Udham


Vidyut Jamwal is an actor who has built a brand for himself as this action hero who features in a specific kind of action movie where he is always against an army of men. Be it the Commando series or the recent one, Khuda Haafiz, his films were always built around action and not the… Continue reading Sanak

Rashmi Rocket

A large part of Akarsh Khurana’s Rashmi Rocket feels like a very typical movie that wants to be vocal at every second about its feministic stand. The hurried nature of the movie to place our central character as this one in a million talent doesn’t land that smoothly. But it is actually by the time… Continue reading Rashmi Rocket


The positivity and goodness in Udanpirappe are so intoxicatingly high that I had to watch multiple reels of Flowers TV’s Star Magic to balance it out and come back to reality. Marketed as Jyothika’s 50th film (Felt more like a celebration of Sasikumar’s 32nd film), Udanpirappe is a total misfit for an OTT watch. Movies… Continue reading Udanpirappe


The biopic of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha titled Thalaivii is a very convenient biopic that acts like devotion. The drama Vijayendra Prasad and Vijay bring to the table is enough to remind you about Kammara Sambhavam. The movie’s production values are definitely high, but the writing really can’t grow beyond the bullet points.… Continue reading Thalaivii

Endravathu Oru Naal

From mainstream superstar films to niche films, the hottest topic in the past few years in Tamil cinema has been the farmer issue. A couple of weeks back, actor Suriya’s production Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum also had the same theme packaged in a different bottle. The new Zee5 release Endravathu Oru Naal directed by Vetri… Continue reading Endravathu Oru Naal


Women who go through emotional and physical abuse in their relationships and struggling even to identify that they are being abused is a reality that many of us might have witnessed. For a third person who observes these events, it might feel very easy to tell them to walk out of such toxic and problematic… Continue reading Maid