Maanaadu from Venkat Prabhu works immensely as an entertainer package because it is always focused on the concept they are trying to depict. From scene one, what Venkat Prabhu shows you in the film is relevant for the movie to establish itself. There are no hero introduction songs, sidetrack humor, etc., to package it as… Continue reading Maanaadu

MGR Magan

Some of us may have had these dreams where everything is absolutely random, and when you wake up, you don’t even know how your neighborhood uncle, Shah Rukh Khan, and Donald Trump were all part of that dream. The script of the new Disney Plus Hotstar movie MGR Magan directed by Ponram, reminded me of… Continue reading MGR Magan


Anand Shankar’s new film Enemy starring Vishal and Arya, is a film that wants to place two characters equally powerful against each other. But the problem is with the spoon-fed narrative that intends to explain each and every bit. After setting up the premise, the film goes towards a central conflict that feels way too… Continue reading Enemy


The first half of Siva’s new film Annaatthe starring superstar Rajinikanth is what if Sundar C directed Viswasam. And the second half of the movie is Udanpirappe on steroids, something that is bound to happen since the hero is Rajinikanth. If you belong to that category of the audience who thinks that the village dramas… Continue reading Annaatthe


The blockbuster material movies need a timely reinvention to keep the audience excited about that over-the-top stylized way of movie-making. With his debut movie Kolamavu Kokila, director Nelson Dilipkumar had made it clear that he has a solid grip over humor and the uniqueness of that humor made it a hilarious film. Coming to his… Continue reading Doctor


The positivity and goodness in Udanpirappe are so intoxicatingly high that I had to watch multiple reels of Flowers TV’s Star Magic to balance it out and come back to reality. Marketed as Jyothika’s 50th film (Felt more like a celebration of Sasikumar’s 32nd film), Udanpirappe is a total misfit for an OTT watch. Movies… Continue reading Udanpirappe


The biopic of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha titled Thalaivii is a very convenient biopic that acts like devotion. The drama Vijayendra Prasad and Vijay bring to the table is enough to remind you about Kammara Sambhavam. The movie’s production values are definitely high, but the writing really can’t grow beyond the bullet points.… Continue reading Thalaivii

Endravathu Oru Naal

From mainstream superstar films to niche films, the hottest topic in the past few years in Tamil cinema has been the farmer issue. A couple of weeks back, actor Suriya’s production Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum also had the same theme packaged in a different bottle. The new Zee5 release Endravathu Oru Naal directed by Vetri… Continue reading Endravathu Oru Naal