Domestic abuse and abusive relationships have been the themes of many movies in the recent past, and Darlings from Jasmeet K Reen gives it an entirely different look by treating it as a black comedy. While the structure in totality is somewhat guessable, the movie smartly maneuvers into those murky areas of a problematic relationship… Continue reading Darlings


In a country where Sholay is an epic and movies like Baahubali and KGF are massive hits, thinking about making something like Shamshera can’t be considered a bad idea. Shamshera is a bad film. But it’s not a ridiculous film. Usually, movies have a first act, second act, and third act. But for Shamshera, you… Continue reading Shamshera


Jaadugar, the new Netflix film with OTT superstar Jitendra Kumar as the leading character, is a story that is crowded and cliched. When the gallery starts to sing in the movie’s climax, you will hope that all of it is a dream sequence. But unfortunately, it isn’t, and that’s one of the major issues with… Continue reading Jaadugar

Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2-Agni Pariksha

Since the Nirbhaya incident happened, protecting women has been that safe bet plot for many lousy films as they can justify the film by claiming it to be pertinent. Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2-Agni Pariksha, the sequel to the 2020 movie starring Vidyut Jamwal, tastelessly goes after this savior-mode rape-revenge story hoping the audience will fall… Continue reading Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2-Agni Pariksha

Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Divyang Thakkar’s directorial debut Jayeshbhai Jordaar is definitely a movie that is preachy for a large part. But it never felt like a film that was using its theme just for the sake of having this “relevant” movie tag. With Ranveer Singh shedding all his heroic tropes and delivering a sincere performance, Jayeshbhai Jordaar is… Continue reading Jayeshbhai Jordaar