Happy Sardar

There was a video on YouTube where Karan Johar watches a scene from his very first movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and while he was watching the scene he was constantly saying the word “cringe”. But it seems like there are movie makers out there who are still fascinated by those old school dramas. The […]


For the first 20 minutes of the movie Kamala, you might get a feeling that director Ranjit Shankar has decided to change his game plan and has opted to go after grey and complex subjects. But very soon (somewhere near the introduction of the character played by Sunil Sukhada) the movie starts to sound ordinary. […]

Ford Vs Ferrari

Watching James Mangold’s Ford Vs Ferrari is one spectacular experience on many levels. The adrenalin rush of hearing the revs of those beasty muscular automobiles, the passion of the characters in the movie towards vehicles and racing, the determination and struggle to achieve the desired result, etc makes Ford Vs Ferrari one extremely satisfying cinema […]


If you are someone who has seen the trailer of the latest Vineeth Sreenivasan production, Helen directed by Mathukutty Xavier, you might have made some guesses about the story of the movie. And the movie is mostly following that story. But the good thing about Helen is the way it maintains the tension. As the […]

Doctor Sleep

The Shining by master director Stanley Kubrick had a psychological angle in its narrative. Even though it had that spooky reincarnation theme inside it, we were mostly looking at it as a hallucinated phase of the characters. When the sequel of The Shining, Doctor Sleep began, I faced a major disappointment immediately as the makers […]