The Zoya Factor

There were some Sonam Kapoor movies in the past like Aysha, Bewakoofiyan etc which were all like passable watchable romantic comedies that can’t be called as great films. The new Sonam Kapoor film featuring Dulquer Salmaan as the male lead, The Zoya Factor is a movie that is very much in that zone. I have […]


In Kaappaan there are moments where you will appreciate the kind of detailing KV Anand gives in the screenplay. But the problematic part of the movie is also the detailing. It goes to such levels at times making me wonder whether that was detailing or simply spoon-feeding. Kaappaan is a typical KV Anand movie that […]


Veterans failing to embrace the change in narrative style have been something that we have been witnessing in the recent past in Malayalam cinema. Be it Adoor Gopalakrishnan in Pinneyum or even the total washout of someone like Shaji Kailas (someone on the other side of the spectrum), the A-listers have been struggling to cope […]

Dream Girl

If you look at the structure of the new Ayushmann Khurrana film Dream Girl, you will get reminded of his first big success Vicky Donor.  While Vicky Donor had an extremely pertinent subject at the center and it sensitively approached it in the second half, Dream Girl is more interested in making things all the […]


Certain movies have this quality of staying in your mind because of the philosophy and political statements it made. The new Santhakumar movie Magamuni was one such experience for me. If you have a star actor playing a double role of twin brothers, there is a big possibility that filmmakers would go for the most […]


Finals from Arun PR is a very interesting sports drama. Many of you who might be looking forward to this movie may have thought that it’s a movie about a girl’s rise to fame by winning a championship. Even I was under that impression. But Finals is a little more than that. Post interval I […]

Brother’s Day

The debut directorial of Kalabhavan Shajon, Brother’s Day is a movie that just goes on and on in an attempt to be a so-called family entertainer. The beginning portions of the movie promised to be an entertainer similar to something like an Amar Akbar Anthony. But when it came to the second half of the movie […]