Ford Vs Ferrari

Watching James Mangold’s Ford Vs Ferrari is one spectacular experience on many levels. The adrenalin rush of hearing the revs of those beasty muscular automobiles, the passion of the characters in the movie towards vehicles and racing, the determination and struggle to achieve the desired result, etc makes Ford Vs Ferrari one extremely satisfying cinema […]

Doctor Sleep

The Shining by master director Stanley Kubrick had a psychological angle in its narrative. Even though it had that spooky reincarnation theme inside it, we were mostly looking at it as a hallucinated phase of the characters. When the sequel of The Shining, Doctor Sleep began, I faced a major disappointment immediately as the makers […]

Gemini Man

Gemini Man from Ang Lee is a movie that would have been immensely satisfying if the story could explore the headspace of its central characters in a deeply affecting way. But the movie just can’t achieve that.  The predictability is the main villain here and Lee is struggling to find the right balance between the […]


What is so fabulous about Todd Phillips’ Joker is how immersive it is as a cinematic experience. A character like Joker is always a fascinating character that will make you wonder how someone becomes as intimidating like that. Joker is doing exactly and precisely that. It focuses sharply on Arthur’s headspace. Our right and wrong, […]

Angry Birds 2

Humor has always been the one key thing that helped the animation films in generating an appeal. Most of the animation films, in the beginning, were written beautifully and the humor had a blended feel. As the market for it grew, filmmakers and studios kind of had a misconception that it was only the humor […]