About Lensmen Movie Review Center

Lensmen Movie Review Center is made with a honest intention of promoting movies with good standard and also to discourage audience from watching mediocre movies.

It was started as a Facebook page on July 1st 2011. The reviews of the page got a lot of positive response and currently there are more than 15,000 supporters for the page in the social networking sites.

To extend the reach to more online people, the purpose was taken to the next level and this website was launched on March 23rd 2012.

If you feel the evaluation made here on movies are good, please  support this website. Lensmen Movie Review Center has its own twitter ,  YouTube, Instagram and Google plus handles for spreading the cause.

Our mission is to help good and worthy movies in reaching maximum audience and at the same time discouraging our audience from watching movies that will test sense, patience and brain.

Achievements : 


Final Thoughts

Movie Signal

Green: Recommended Film

Orange: Okay, Watchable, Experimental Films

Red: Not Recommended

7 replies on “About Lensmen Movie Review Center”

Can you reduce the amount of advt in the page . I found the reviews as top notch , similar to my taste , but with overcrowded advts the page is becoming lil dull , u can put advt but reduce the amount of that , I know u need money for movies 😉 but it’s important that the page is clutter free also ! Cheers mate , you are doing an awesome job !!!

U promotes Vijay movies so high….Just consider it…The way when i read ur movie review makes me feel like you are a vijay fan..And ur reviews (vijay films) its a little bit biased.

Love your reviews bro.but this color thing is not working for me.why don’t you go bak to old reviewing it out of 5?and I believe site needs an upgradation.reviews are top notch.i can really relate to you more or less.big time fan🙌

Honest reviews ! The only issue I feel is that your reviews are slightly influenced by your social/political views(may be its my issue because I do not consider cinema as a serious business and I hate preachy stuffs in movies; even if it is well made)
Kudos to you for such a honest work. Hope I can see your own movie on the screen soon. Best of luck

Did expect a green signal from you for trance.movie is so good and much above in technicality than usual mollywood movies.your review kinda dissappointed me for the first time

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