Kochaal, the latest police investigation thriller, starring Krishna Shankar as the title character, is a thriller muddled in cliches. When the movie reaches its investigative bits in the last half of its run time, there is a bit of excitement on offer. But by the time it reaches that point, you are already exhausted because… Continue reading Kochaal

Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion, the third movie in the Jurassic World series that has Jurassic Park original cast returning to the franchise, feels like an unnecessary film that doesn’t do any good to the franchise. Barring some moments where you have old movie references from the reprising characters, Collin Trevorrow’s film lacks originality, and the coexistence-preach… Continue reading Jurassic World Dominion


In Kaithi, when Karthi’s Dilli gets stabbed multiple times and yet bounces back, it doesn’t really stick out to damage the movie primarily because of the mood set by Lokesh Kanakaraj till that point. And there is a sense of mystery about that character. It’s no longer a secret that Lokesh’s new movie Vikram, starring… Continue reading Vikram


In this new phase of his directorial career, Anubhav Sinha took up extremely pertinent topics. The good thing about almost all those films was that he took the risk of addressing sensitive issues and managed to present them in a way we would appreciate the craft in his presentation. On that scale, I would say… Continue reading Anek

John Luther

An investigating officer becoming hearing impaired is a roadblock that can actually make a thriller take exciting twists and turns. The kind of twist that happens in John Luther, the new movie starring Jayasurya as the title protagonist, looks excellent on paper. But the convoluted nature of its presentation somewhere diminishes the charm of the… Continue reading John Luther