Dracula 2012

Mediocre film making at its peak. That’s what I can say about director Vinayan’s new experiment “Dracula 2012”. A movie that was supposed to scare the audience never even comes anywhere being scary. Cliché story telling with predictable sequences with dramatic and unreal dialogs along with bizarre performances of the debutants, the movie is a costly torture.

The plot doesn’t have much to do with the real story of Dracula. The film begins with a newly wedded couple from kerala going to Romania to see the Dracula castle and the husband who is interested in the Manthras and Rituals tries to communicate with the ghost of Dracula. Unfortunately things go out of control and Dracula kills him and enters his body for hunting. Dracula comes to Kerala to get the girl who was the reincarnation of his princess. How the well wishers and family members of the girl try to protect her from Dracula is all about the movie.

Basic problem with the movie is that there is nothing to attract you in this film in terms of content or technology. It is a poorly structured film that never really tries to go to a level that will make you feel surprised about it. The stereo type characters like priests from almost all religions, psychologist, lover for the lady, victims of the ghost etc are there so that you can easily predict the movie.

In the making, I don’t know what kind of freshness Vinayan tried to bring in to this movie. Each scene is cliché and outdated. The dialogs are over dramatic and the dialog delivery of the new faces was quite bizarre. Cinematography is poor. Music is satisfying but the placing of the songs and the picturization was thumbs down. BGM was outdated and the much hyped VFX was also substandard. In the beginning of the film there are a lot of shorts involving tree branches that are added to make the audience experience the 3D technology and to be honest, overdose of anything is big bore. Modern day 3D technology experiments with depth and this movie is still in the “My Dear Kuttichathan” century.

Performance wise, Sudheer is impressive as Dracula. Rest of the cast including Shradha Das, Aryan and Monal Gajjaras are disappointing. Female leads are there mainly for skin show. Experienced actors like Thilakan, Nassar and Prabhu have been devoted to irrelevant roles.

On the whole, Dracula 2012 is an outdated movie. If you were able to enjoy this film, please tell me the reason. The two positive sides of this movie are
1.    Vinayan managed to make a 3D movie and release it in 3D format in most of the theaters.
2.    I wont be afraid of Dracula any more.
Rating for the movie: 1/5.

Final Thoughts

Dracula 2012 is an outdated movie. If you were able to enjoy this film, please tell me the reason.


Green: Recommended Content

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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