Captain Marvel

The way Avengers infinity war ended with Fury sending a message to Captain Marvel and getting the label of being the wonder woman equivalent from Marvel, there was an aura and huge expectation around the film Captain Marvel. In terms of delivering justice to that kind of hype it created, Captain Marvel hasn’t really achieved […]

Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel which is co-produced and co-written by visionary James Cameroon is based on the Japanese Manga series Gunnm. While the roughly two-hour-long film is totally engaging, there is a kind of familiarity and predictability in the screenplay that it tries to cover up that flaw with its slick attire. With visuals and scene […]

The Lego Movie 2

The Lego Movie 2 pretty much has everything you would look for in a direct sequel of The Lego Movie. It’s frequently hilarious with pop culture references, spoofs of its own characters, it makes fun of the clichés in film making and that message factor which makes it that kid’s movie is also placed in a […]


Bumblebee is easily the most well made Transformers movie. It is calm, it isn’t jingoistic and not at all misogynistic. For a Michael Bay ruined franchise like Transformers, achieving these three things itself is a historic feat. Bumblebee is a spin-off and it is almost equivalent to what Rogue one was to the Star Wars […]


If you are aware of the kind of racism that’s happening in a country like the US, the movie Blackkklansman will have a really big impact on you. The Charlottesville incident really became an eye opener to the external world about the degree of the racist attitude of a section of white people in the USA and […]


Aquaman coming from the DC extended universe is definitely better than the loud and messy Justice League. But for my personal taste, this movie is still not something that can put DC back in the game. From templatescript to the kind of set pieces for which DC has got criticized previously,there are a lot of […]

Creed 2

The Rocky franchise has never been about any surprising twist in the tale or about the technicalities of boxing. It has always been deeply emotional going into the psyche of the fighter in the limelight in each film. And the fight was never limited to the arena as the real-life conflicts of the characters made […]