After the success of “Puthiya Mukham” director Diphan has come up with a new film which has a plot beyond action but depends largely on action. “Hero” is a pakka commercial mass masala entertainer made on the backdrop of stuntmen in the film industry. It is a mix of sensible and senseless sequences. It is a movie that will surely work for those who loves heroism.
Just like Puthiya Mukham , Hero also is a straight forward narrative with no big suspense. When compared to the fight sequences in Puthiya Mukham, Hero’s fights are definitely better.
Hero is the story of Tarzan Antony, a stunt dupe. He left out of the industry years ago due to some ego clashes. But years after his fight master Dharmarajan needs his help as no one was willing to help his master to get back to the industry in a crucial situation. Antony does some great stunt works for his master and the movie becomes a big hit because of its action. Antony helps the heroine Gauri in a crucial stunt scene and the closeness in their relationship upsets the hero of the movie, Premanand. When the director of the movie, Adithyan decides to make another film with the same duo. But Premanad shows his star power and threatens to quit if Tarzan is working in the movie. How the director reacts to this and how this changes Tarzan’s fate is all about Hero.
Casting wise, Prithviraj has done full justice to Tarzon Antony. A much improved performance in the comedy section when compared to his pathetic comedy outing Teja Bhai, Yami Gautham has done it very impressively. At the beginning of the movie, Anoop Menon’s name was mentioned in the THANKS list. But he has full fledged role in the movie as director Adithyan. In my view it is Anoop Menon’s character that helps the movie to stay closer to the practical level. With his natural rendering of dialogs n all Anoop makes Aadithyan a memorable one. Sreekanth was disappointing. He was supposed to a bit idiotic, but I felt his portrayal too much idiotic. Thalaivasal Vijay has done a good job as fight master Dharmarajan. Loved his performance in the first half of the movie. Bala has very few scenes in the movie. Many others are also there with minor roles such as Nedumudi, Tini Tom, Kottayam Nazeer, KPSC Lalitha etc.
Technically, Diphan has good sense of using technology. But in making scenes in a fresh and unpredictable way, he disappoints. The exaggerated into of Prithviraj itself is an eg. It will surely remind us of many Tamil and Telugu films. Even though the stunts have improvements , Diphan has compromised with it. Vinod Guruvayur’s script has some flaws. But with his experience in the field he has pulled of some nice dialogs. I think he failed to express the problems and emotions of stunt men. Their issues were reduced to limited number of scenes. Camera work of Bharani K Dharan is good. Editor Samjith Mohd also has done a nice work. Well the fights have followed the usual path. Maidha powder, rope shots and plenty of slow motion are there. But all these showed some improvements in terms of execution. The execution of the bike jumping and the jump from the building were captured nicely. The songs of Gopi Sunder are good. But I felt the picturiation of “Mayathe Ormayil..” very poor.
Overall “Hero” from director Diphan is a movie for diehard masala action movie lovers. If you dont have much expectation, Hero will be a nice time pass movie. My rating for Prithviraj starrer HERO is 2.5/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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