Son Of Sardar

After watching “Son Of Sardar”, I was thinking about the controversy associated with the movie’s limited release. For such a silly skit fun which won’t even remain in our head after watching it, I think the number of theaters they got is more than enough. SOS is a childishly simple movie and the makers have… Continue reading Son Of Sardar

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan

If you are a lover of typical melodramatic Yash Chopra movies, Jab Tak Hai Jaan has more than enough to satisfy you. An elaborate script that goes through ups and downs in the creative side ends up in being a fair one. The last outing of the legendry director isn’t that bad when compared to… Continue reading Jab Tak Hai Jaan

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Prakash Jha’s new socio political drama “Chakravyuh” is a movie that manages to stay in the audience’s mind because of its relevant content. Set on the backdrop of Naxal movement, “Chakravyuh” throws light on the dark future that may destroy the biggest democracy of the world. The less amount of commercial drama and the directors… Continue reading Chakravyuh

Student of The Year

Student of the year from Karan Johar is a fruit salad. Karan has nicely embedded all his previous films characters and their characteristics in his new venture. With a pinch of three idiots in the theme, SOTY from Dharma productions is good fun. Karan Johar gets back to his safe zone of multistarer love stories… Continue reading Student of The Year

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Director Sachin Kundalkar’s Aiyya was in the spot light first for the reason that it was produced by Anurag Kashyap. Then for its Wakda first look that made extreme reactions among audience. Well the result is not extreme and the movie ends up being an average one time watch. For Malayali audience who is seeing… Continue reading Aiyya

English Vinglish

The least rating you can give to Gauri Shinde’s “English Vinglish” is good. If you ask me, I would say that the movie deserves almost all the pleasant words in the dictionary. Story of a typical Indian house wife and a slice of her life which gave her back the respect she deserved. A screenplay… Continue reading English Vinglish

OMG Oh My God!

Even though the plot may look too weird Umesh Shukla’s Oh My God is not a slap stick third rate comedy movie. It’s a beautiful satire against the spiritual Babas in our country. By Baba’s neither me or the film makers are targeting Hinduism, it’s against that section of people who claims to have knowledge… Continue reading OMG Oh My God!


May be Madhur Bhandarkar has forgotten the fact that people have seen his film Page 3, or he wants to show the backstage drama of the Btown again. Whatever be the reason, the movie “Heroine” depends largely on “Page 3” especially in placing some key elements of the screenplay. The failure of the director to… Continue reading Heroine