Ki And Ka

Whole role reversal idea, Balki making it and that sizzling chemistry of Kareena and Arjun in the trailer made me wish that this movie works for everyone and become something like, lets say Queen. But Ki And Ka drops suddenly after a point and becomes underwhelming on the whole. The movie begins nicely (excluding the opening sequence) with two frank unconventional minds having an interesting conversation. But by the time the movie ends they just become too ordinary.

Kabir is the son of a millionaire builder Bhansal and Kia is an aspiring business woman who has a cool mom running NGO’s. Like you have seen in the trailers, Kabir’s wish is to be like his mother, who was a housewife. Kia who apparently never wanted to get married because of the thought that a man might destroy her career ambition finds that interesting match in Kabir who never minded her doing the job. How the relationship grows and what difficulties they had to face is what the movie talking.

I really enjoyed the beginning portions of the film. Our Ki and Ka are pretty much clear about their life and personally I liked the unconventional stand of the hero. Balki includes everything in a normal marriage and shows us the humor side of all that when the role reversal happens. The issue with the movie is in its search for conflicts. The movie reaches its half way mark making this “how to buy a house” issue its main agenda and very soon after that this issue gets solved very easily. Kabir suddenly becomes a gym instructor of all the aunties in that flat to earn money. It is somewhere from there the movie starts to fumble. Kia is hurt by her ego and the kind of growth they have given to Kabir is a bit too much to digest. Making the whole quarrel part just because of a simple ego is the major down point in my opinion. The characters who were so frank and open minded just becomes so small. Kareena might be crying in the climax admitting the same, but we as an audience won’t feel much pain.

Arjun Kapoor with his looks and attitude qualifies to be that “Most wanted Munda”. But the actor wasn’t that comfortable in the emotional sequences. Similar is the case of Kareena who looks absolutely gorgeous and shares a joyful chemistry with Arjun Kapoor. The actress also looks a bit theatrical in that climax sequence where she breaks down. Swaroop Sampat was lovely as the cool mother of Kia and Rajit Kapoor was also fine as our hero’s stubborn father. A light hearted comedy piece was there featuring Balki’s fav Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in which I even saw the camera.

Balki’s writing is apparently the problem maker. The first sequence of the movie featuring the high heels song has this really awkward statement from Kia about her stand on marriage. Then the movie cuts in to that portion which I personally liked. There also are certain points where you feel irritated, like how Kabir over reacts to a statement from Kia interpreting her words. The last half an hour is hugely melodramatic and the characters behave very differently from their usual way. Cinematography and music were okay.

The generous verdict for Ki & Ka would be average. Personally I loved a lot of statements in the movie that questioned the conventions. Unfortunately it was only there in the dialogues. The movie was just another love story with the usual happy-sad-sadder-happy structure.

Final Thoughts

Personally I loved a lot of statements in the movie that questioned the conventions. Unfortunately it was only there in the dialogues.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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