In a way Masss or Massu is probably the least funny Venkat Prabhu movie. Yes it does have quite a bit of humour in the typical VP style, but the basic content somewhere is hanging over certain clichéd emotions that make the movie’s story structure not so exciting. Spoiler alert for those who are keen on watching this movie as I may have to say certain things that might reveal the suspense in the movie.

Massu aka Masilamani is that wreck less young man who along with his friend Jet do all these small to large scale robbery/ fraud for a living. During one such operation Massu and Jet gets involved in a road accident that gives Massu the ability to see ghosts. The clever lad uses this power smartly to make money until he had an encounter with a ghost who totally twisted the plot. Who is that ghost? What’s his aim? Why is he using Massu is what Masss aka Massu telling us.

The movie starts of in the usual way with VP presenting his hero as an imperfect negative cool guy. Usual first half agenda including romance and songs are there. After the accident we get to see a clever mix of humour and sentiments from Venkat Prabhu. The usual revenge pattern gets the ghost touch here and that is kind of interesting on a story level. But the making hasn’t done anything brilliant to keep the witty feel alive. Towards the climax the movie becomes a chunk load of sentiments which occasionally gets some relief moments like the smart cameo by Jai and also the Parthiban scene in the climax fight.

Suriya gets a chance to really perform in this dual portrayal. The actor smartly gives identity to both characters. There is nothing in it for Nayantara. The quintessential VP component, his brother Premgi Amaren was nice in his character. Parthiban and Samuthirakani did their part nicely. Pranitha Subhash doesn’t have much to do as well. Good performance from almost all those actors who portrayed the roles of ghosts.

In the making Venkat Prabhu’s treatment seems to be a bit cold and with a title of Masss, it is quite disappointing for us as viewers. Still the director manages to bring in some good humor that has his signature to make the movie a less boring deal. Screenplay can’t really give glamour to this unique idea. Nice frames from R D Rajasekhar. Visual effects were also good. Music hasn’t created the usual wave Yuvan – VP combo usually manages. Stunts weren’t that great.

For a runtime of two and a half hours, Masss aka Massu Engira Masilamani hasn’t lived up to the expectations and it ends up as an average entertainer. The rating for the movie is 2.5/5. It is a watchable flick with nothing much to boast about.

Final Thoughts

It is a watchable flick with nothing much to boast about.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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