Gemini Man

Gemini Man from Ang Lee is a movie that would have been immensely satisfying if the story could explore the headspace of its central characters in a deeply affecting way. But the movie just can’t achieve that.  The predictability is the main villain here and Lee is struggling to find the right balance between the […]

The Sky Is Pink

The Sky is Pink is based on the true story of a young girl named Aisha Chaudhary who died at the age of 18 due to pulmonary fibrosis. She was a bright young girl who had a really different vision about life and happiness. So when you think about someone making a movie about that […]


Vikruthi may not be an immensely moving cinema. But it definitely has a good heart and no intention to spoon-feed its audience. Vikruthi is a movie that deals with the issue of responsible use of social media. It is a simple and sweet preach and the terrific Suraj Venjaramood elevates this simple movie to a […]


There is a B and C center audience in Tamil Nadu who is okay with a Kadaikutty Singham and Namma Veettu Pillai. And there are a lot of commercially successful films of similar nature where you clearly can sense the absence of subtlety in narration and presentation. Vetri Maaran’s Asuran is in a way his […]


Adhyarathri is a very simplistic entertainer format comedy that deals with the importance of woman’s consent in an important event like marriage. While the film isn’t achieving anything in particular in terms of craft or scripting, this 129 minutes long movie is never really an annoyance. Biju Menon is in that Vellimoonga zone of comedy […]


Jallikkattu is one grand cinematic vision of seemingly simplistic thought. I know people who have seen Unda and asked why there was no Maoist at the end. I am just dragging that movie in this review simply because, if you also had the same question at the end of Unda, Jallikkattu might well end up […]