After some above average and excellent emotionally driven movies like Kireedam, Madras Pattanam and Deivathirumakal director A L Vijay tries his hand in making an action thriller. Even though he is fully supported by a committed actor like Vikram, the movie is a tiring and largely boring watch. A screenplay that is totally cluttered and… Continue reading Thandavam


If you are someone who madly loves the dark knight series of Christopher Nolan for its amazing narration, you should not watch the latest movie from acclaimed director Mysskin. It is such a childish desi version of the batman. The first half of the movie doesn’t really makes us feel that the script has something… Continue reading Mugamoodi

Billa 2

Trying to create a sequel or prequel to any established movie in a different way is a tough task to accomplish. Director Chakri Toleti and his team took that risk and unfortunately the treatment was not enough to satisfy the viewer. The amount of bloodshed was too much that at no point the viewer could… Continue reading Billa 2


The much awaited Karthi starer political thriller Saguni is undoubtedly a big downer. A movie that is supposed to be smart is made in such a poor way that even the illiterate audience will also feel whats so great about it. The main distraction of the movie is its utterly scattered screenplay. The uneven mix… Continue reading Saguni

3- Three

The much hyped KOLAVERI sensation “3” is definitely a different movie. But a dragging second half and a too much straight forward narrative will surely gonna disappoint people who have much expectation from the movie as a commercial entertainer. Aiswarya Dhanush’s “3” is a movie that can be called as both commercial and parallel cinema.… Continue reading 3- Three


“Velayudham”, A good commercial Entertainer from Ilayadhalapathi. I am not saying its great film n all. Its a typical Vijay film with dance, fun, action and sentimense. Velayudham also joins the league of those Tamil films which are commercial with some amount of social commitment. Just like Anniyan, Indian and Kanthasamy, Velayudham alias Vel played… Continue reading Velayudham

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7aam Arivu

Saw the much hyped Surya starer “7aam Arivu.”. Well in one word I can say its a disappointing Film. The level of excitement it created through the promos was not attained. I felt the director Murugados tried a little Shankar style for this film. This is not a crap concept. The idea of Bodhidharma n… Continue reading 7aam Arivu

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Engeyum Eppothum

The last time I got surprised on seeing an accident on screen was TRAFFIC. But I was totally shocked seeing the accident sequence in “Engeyum Eppothum”. Engeyum Eppothum can not be said as a story telling type movie. It shows us the different dimensions of a horrible situation. A good theme conveyed with FANTASTIC Technical… Continue reading Engeyum Eppothum

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