Vidhi from Kannan Thamarakkulam is yet another scripting scam that ridicules the cinematic sensibility of an evolved audience. The film is inspired by the events that happened in the recent past in Maradu. Flats were demolished after the Supreme Court found a violation in its construction. In the movie, Anoop Menon and Dharmajan Bolgatty play characters with a hidden agenda of settling scores with someone. They have no real emotional connection with the flat. But in the last half an hour of the movie, they are giving speeches on screen as if they were living in that building from the day it was constructed. With pointless subplots and clunky sentiments dragging the movie to almost two hours, Vidhi is yet another shoddy movie in Kannan Thamarakkulam’s filmography.

It is really difficult to give a summary of this movie. The idea is to utilize the real-life incident to grab the eyeballs. We have an apartment where numerous families are living. They have all purchased the flats with their hard-earned money. One day, they get to know that the Supreme Court has given its verdict to demolish the construction. What they will do in such a scenario is what we see in Vidhi.

I feel that Kannan Thamarakkulam and Dinesh Pallath consider what other writers call scene order as a bound script. As I watched the movie, I imagined the writing “process” How can we make a movie on this subject? Let’s show how caring and hardworking the owners of the flats are. Let’s show the life story of at least four people. One couple who is about to get divorced, a set of teenage love birds, a lady who has no one, a family man, etc. Great! We still can’t reach the 2-hour length. Let’s add a subplot to the lonely lady and also add a love song for teenage lovers. Then we will add a party song for the flat anniversary. Shoot most of it in slow motion; 2 hours of content is set.

As I said, I still can’t figure out why Anoop Menon and Dharmajan were so excited about bringing justice to the people who lived in that apartment. It’s almost like Kannan Thamarakkulam, and Dinesh Pallathu had another subject based on tribal issues. They decided to club it with the Maradu issue at the last minute. The creative scarcity to have organic layers to the script is evident from the movie’s very first scene. You can easily chop off scenes, and it won’t have much of an impact on the story. The numerous characters in the film are more like fillers they used to reach the climax point. And the climax of the film is basically a Shankar movie on a shoestring budget.

Anoop Menon might be projected as the movie’s hero, but his character gets a screen space only in the last half an hour of the film. Dharmajan gets a character role in the movie, but his dialogue delivery in the climax portions was disappointing. Sheelu Abraham maintains her form from Star and has that confused expression of someone who woke up at 6 PM and tried to figure out whether its morning or evening. Manoj K Jayan, Sarayu, Kailash, Baiju, Senthil Krishna, etc., are the other prominent names here.

Vidhi is one more shoddy product from the Kannan Thamarakkulam movie factory. Somebody should actually do some studies about his method of filmmaking. He maintains a precise level of mediocrity in all his movies, yet nothing stops him from making movies. If you are a fan of the 7 PM daily soaps, then Vidhi is precisely the “preach” you deserve. For others like me, the movie’s title has a different tone altogether.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of the 7 PM daily soaps, then Vidhi is precisely the "preach" you deserve. For others like me, the movie's title has a different tone altogether.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.