Anjaan from director Lingusamy is a film that becomes a dull entertainer because of it’s extremely clichéd making. Lingusamy who is well known for creating spark among the audience with his treatment on very simple stories, fails to create that magic here and Anjaan becomes a below average entertainer.

Raju Bhai is a Don in Mumbai. He along with Chandru kind of dominated the underworld. The movie focuses on the investigation of Raju’s brother Krishna to find out what happened to his brother after a foul play by some men among Raju’s gang.

If the film was released 5 years back, the kind of twist Lingusamy has created for the movie is an entertaining one. But some minor mistakes in the first half make the film an easily predictable film and the disappointment accumulates as every so called twist looked dull and unsurprising. The friendship, gangster life showed through songs, the numerous villains etc are there to make the canvas bigger but Lingusamy couldn’t create that masala factor to make it an entertainer. The Brahmanandan sequence and the scenes surrounding that looked absolutely rubbish and it wasn’t something I expected from a director like Lingusamy.

On screen, Suriya is apt for the character as he has stylish looks and good acting potential. Samantha is cute and doesn’t have much to do in terms of acting. Surprisingly she has gone for a liberal skin show and it didn’t look vulgar. Suri is slowly becoming the next Santhanam. Vidyut Jamwal is kind of okay and there wasn’t much of an action from him. Sad to see an actor like Manoj Bajpai limited to mere retro look.

In terms of direction Lingusamy gives too much attention to certain things which I believe spoils the fun at many times. Script is too clichéd and anyone who has the habit of watching films will find the developments quite dull. Dialogues aren’t impressive. Santosh Sivan experiments a lot with camera and it was good to see stunts looking less rope controlled even in ultra slow motion. Mr. Sivan seems to be in love with smoke. Can’t say Yuvan has given his best. BGM at times is too heavy.

So overall Anjaan is a below average product that has all the typical elements stuffed around a predictable script. I am giving it a 2/5. For the diehard fans of Suriya, it’s a watchable flick because of his screen presence.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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