Saw “Captain America” today from Crown. Well not up to the expectation in my view. Couldnt find anything new. Captain America looses the grip because it is trying to add fiction to an incident like world war. And I felt they failed very much in showing the patriotism, which was the soul purpose of Captain America. Technically the movie is good. Standard VFX!! From that lean Steve Rogers to Muscular Captain America, I would say Superb VFX. The components in the story are very much of the same type we are used to in these kind of movies. Performance of Hugo Weaving (Matrix Villain) as Johann Schmidt / Red Skull was quite impressive. Chris Evans also delivered a standard performance as Captain America. The pace of the movie is really slow at times which is a little bit annoying for a superhero movie.
Basically Captain America is a leader more than a SuperHero!!
Well MARVEL movies are making AVENGERS next year… So to open the door to Captain, they made the whole Cinema a DREAM!! (Only point where I felt “aaha Intersting!!”) Its a different type of SuperHero Movie. Who knows You might like it.
My Rating is a modest 3/5
Lets hope The First Avenger can give us something more to cheer in next years AVENGERS!!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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