Finally the highly anticipated Vikram starer “Deivathirumagal” released at Calicut, and I saw the first day first show! There wasnt much rush for the tickets and the balcony was like 70% full!!
I was very curious about the title of the movie. Becoz the first name of the movie was DEIVATHIRUMAKAN and when some controversy came, they changed it to DEIVATHIRUMAKAL.. But I must say.. both names are very much apt for the movie!! 🙂
Well, unlike my other reviews I dont want to discuss more about the content of the movie. Becoz it might spoil the beauty. As you all know Vikram plays a mentally retarded person, Krishna. The movie is about Krishna and his Daughter. His daughters role is played by Baby Sarah!! I must say she is the biggest SMALL wonder I have ever seen!! Better than Darsheel Safari. Brilliant Acting!!. Actually this movie is a competition between Little Sarah and Chiyaan Vikram 🙂
Towards the CLIMAX there are some heart touching scenes between the father and daughter without any dialogs!! Oh man.. I was smiling with tears in my eyes!! Unforgettable Scene!!
All the other stars did a good job!! Santhanam did the comedy neatly (without ant GIMMICKS)!! Both Amala Paul and Anushka did complete justice to their role. Malayali actor Krishna Kumar also did a small but memorable role as Victor annan!! Mr. Nazer as the Lawyer also gave his Best!!
Camera work was really good!! First it captured all the Beauty of Ootty and in the second half main attraction (camera wise) and distraction(story wise) was a Vikram-Anushka song. I felt it was unnecessary, but it was picturised beautifully!
Music was also very pleasant. The music mixing in the first half was very good. The VFX of one song was really of very good standard!!
The success of “Deivathirumakal” belongs to three people.. Director Vijay, Actor Vikram and the little angel Sarah!! Director Vijay has delivered another superb movie after his last flick Madraspattanam.
“Deivathirumagal” was an unforgettable experience for me, becoz when the movie ended there was a loud round of applauds.I saw a man wiping his tears.. Almost all the audience were still inside the theater when the end credits were showing!!
Hats off to Mr Vijay for this full of love movie!!
My rating 4/5, with a bright smile on my face. Dont miss it my friends.. Its a gem of a movie. 🙂
Final Thoughts

"Deivathirumagal" was an unforgettable experience for me, because when the movie ended there was a loud round of applauds.I saw a man wiping his tears.


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