Meri Awas Suno

I know an audience segment that finds movies like Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam and Vijay Superum Pournamiyum motivational and inspiring. Even though I haven’t disliked these movies, there was no major moving element for me in those films. Meri Awas Suno, Prajesh Sen’s third outing as a director along with Jayasurya somewhere, falls in a… Continue reading Meri Awas Suno


Caste politics is something that is less discussed in mainstream Malayalam cinema. Even when it gets discussed, there is a tendency to articulate it verbally through dialogues and make it excessively loud. Debutant Ratheena’s Puzhu, starring Mammootty as the central character, is a well-made political film that slightly loses its subtle quality at the very… Continue reading Puzhu

CBI 5: The Brain

Seeing something for the first time and seeing pretty much the same thing for the nth time has a significant difference. The multiple times you see it, the excitement gets reduced because your brain has already traveled in that trajectory. The fifth CBI film from K Madhu, SN Swamy, and Mammootty, CBI 5: The Brain,… Continue reading CBI 5: The Brain


In Makal, director Sathyan Anthikad and writer Iqbal Kuttippuram want to explore the teens of a girl who is going through a lot of mood swings because of her bodily changes. But this idea gets abandoned after a point, and somewhere, the movie starts to look for reasons to justify typical parenting strategies. Clueless about… Continue reading Makal


What I found fascinating about Vipin Das’ second film Antakashari is how it has set up its canvas. Even in the most memorable serial killer stories we have seen in Malayalam, there is an alienating factor in the premise. Most filmmakers overcome this by creating twists that make us forget about the unrelatable elements. Antakshari… Continue reading Antakshari


Aviyal wants to be this eventful coming-of-age story about a man. But its peripheral approach and the desperation to look complex somewhere makes it an unimpressive script. It shows the travel of a man from his teens to early thirties. But the movie wants to cover so many bullet points that it forgets to invest… Continue reading Aviyal