Vikruthi may not be an immensely moving cinema. But it definitely has a good heart and no intention to spoon-feed its audience. Vikruthi is a movie that deals with the issue of responsible use of social media. It is a simple and sweet preach and the terrific Suraj Venjaramood elevates this simple movie to a […]


Adhyarathri is a very simplistic entertainer format comedy that deals with the importance of woman’s consent in an important event like marriage. While the film isn’t achieving anything in particular in terms of craft or scripting, this 129 minutes long movie is never really an annoyance. Biju Menon is in that Vellimoonga zone of comedy […]


Jallikkattu is one grand cinematic vision of seemingly simplistic thought. I know people who have seen Unda and asked why there was no Maoist at the end. I am just dragging that movie in this review simply because, if you also had the same question at the end of Unda, Jallikkattu might well end up […]


Manoharam directed by Anvar Sadik is a template feel-good movie that has an extremely predictable script with only one major difference; the backdrop. The movie’s running time is around 122 minutes and thus this movie never becomes a burden for the viewer. With too much of guessable turn of events in the screenplay, Manoharam is […]


The first half of the movie Ganagandharvan is a very usual tale of miseries of a middle-class guy. If you are someone who feels that Ramesh Pisharody’s last film Panchavarnathatha was an enjoyable film, the chances of you enjoying the first half is pretty high. But in the second half, the movie enters a very […]


Veterans failing to embrace the change in narrative style have been something that we have been witnessing in the recent past in Malayalam cinema. Be it Adoor Gopalakrishnan in Pinneyum or even the total washout of someone like Shaji Kailas (someone on the other side of the spectrum), the A-listers have been struggling to cope […]