With his latest film Malik, Mahesh Narayanan is trying to narrate a wide canvas political drama that lingers onto its central character Sulaiman, played yet again with astonishing conviction by Fahadh Faasil. By the time the opening shot of the movie, a 12-minute single take, ends, you can somehow understand what will happen in the… Continue reading Malik


If you are okay with average craft and pertinent messaging in movies, I guess the new Jude Anthany Joseph movie Sara’s will work for you immensely. Sara’s is a movie that deals with the idea of personal choice and parenting in the backdrop of the current society. Anyone in that age group of 25 to… Continue reading Sara’s

Cold Case

Tanu Balak’s Cold Case starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aditi Balan in prominent roles, is a movie that never becomes interesting. Written by Sreenath V Nath, the trajectory of Cold Case is an amalgamation of the different thrillers we have seen, and thus when they finally reveal the real culprit, it only becomes one of the… Continue reading Cold Case

Richter Scale 7.6

One movie that came to my mind while I was watching debutant Jeeva KJ’s Richter Scale 7.6 was Sudevan’s Crime No. 89. Both these movies offered me a similar experience as a viewer. Both films had no plan to spoon-feed the viewer. And it was at the very end of these movies we realize the… Continue reading Richter Scale 7.6


After the director’s credit in the title sequence of Cheraathukal, we would see this credit of “produced and designed” attributed to Dr. Mathew Mampra. As I write this review, the major query that pops up in my mind is about that design part. Anyone who has the patience to sit through this six films anthology… Continue reading Cheraathukal

The Last Two Days

SI: “We have the fingerprints of the suspects from that location. So what does that mean?”. Constable: “It means they were there.” Imagine being that invisible third person who is watching this kind of conversation (These are not the exact dialogues in the movie). Debutante Santhosh Lakshman’s The Last Two Days feels exactly like that.… Continue reading The Last Two Days


Propaganda films are usually made to counter the flaws criticized by your political opponent and expose your rival political party. But what if a propaganda film ends up being helpful to those who are against the politics of the film? Priyapettavar, starring Rajasenan and directed by Khader Moidu, is one such unique experience. Made with… Continue reading Priyapettavar


At one point in Shaji Azeez’s Wolf, Asha, played by Samyuktha Menon, is vehemently arguing with her male chauvinist fiancé Sanjay on why she should have his approval on everything she does with her life. The way Asha counters each patriarchal statement by Sanjay was a refreshing site to watch, and I even thought I… Continue reading Wolf