Peace, the new dark comedy directed by Sanfeer, is a quirky experiment that is uneven yet very engaging. In the initial portions of the film, the narrative isn’t that smooth, and you feel a forceful effort to look cool. But once the triggering moment happens, it manages to grab the attention of the audience, and… Continue reading Peace


Towards the end of the movie Theerppu, there is a scene where Vijay Babu’s Ramkumar Nair tells Indrajith’s Kalyan Menon to stop the rhetoric and come to the point. It was pretty much what I felt when Prithviraj’s Abdulla Marakkar was sitting on that couch and saying lines before he could deliver justice. Theerppu is… Continue reading Theerppu


The one-liner concept of the film Mike has noble intentions for sure. A girl deciding to opt for gender affirmation surgery is the theme of “Mike.” Even though it isn’t following the same trajectory as Njan Marykutti, Mike is confused about how to place the theme in its story. When you have to create a… Continue reading Mike