Pasanga 2

After watching Pasanga 2, I checked the movie’s wiki page to check whether it is the official remake of Taare Zameen Par. It isn’t a remake as per wiki and I am making this comparison because the movie has scratched a lot from the beautiful Aamir Khan movie. But with preachy feel and typical entertainment addition in the narration, the movie isn’t that heartwarming and manages to be cute because of the smart kids.

The film is about these two kids Nayana and Kavin who are sort of hyper active according to their parents. They were a little naughty and that caused issues in their schools and subsequently headache for their parents. The film basically focuses on the influence of a psychiatrist and family in the lives of these kids and their families.

The motto of the movie has only good intentions but it is the making that looks sloppy. It has taken too much from TZP. In the place of one Ishaan Avasti, we have two kids and that leads to two sets of parents. As the cast population is bigger, we have Surya accompanied by Amala Paul to fill the space created by Aamir’s character. What happens in the content is pretty much the same as in TZP. Naughty kids being a headache to parents, a punishment hostel life, a teacher like person gives them a space for interactive learning which finally brings out the best in them. Pandiraj has added the pregnancy period care episode to make it more of an awareness campaign for parents. While TZP will make you go for tissues to wipe your tears, Pasanga 2 doesn’t have that magic in it.

Making wise Pandiraj tries to be on the commercial side. This year we saw a beautiful blockbuster Kakkamuttai which rendered a natural portrayal of two kids. The movie needed such innocence, but the content looked a bit formulaic. The efforts to add humor takes away the depth from the story. I was forced to compare the movie with Taare Zameen Par as there was very little creative modification to the writer’s credit. The slight changes they have made aren’t that emotionally impressive. Cinematography is nice and the music was okay.

On screen the kids Nishesh and Vaishnavi did an impressive job. They were cute and emotional even with those heavy dialogues. Surya and Amala Paul have the charm to be the influential people. Karthik Kumar, Ramadoss, Bindu Madhavi and Vidya Pradeep were fine as the parents.

Overall I would say Pasanga 2 is an average film if you look at the creativity side of the writing. It has discrete moments of warmth and cuteness. If you have seen TZP, this one will look too simple. For the Tamil audiences who haven’t seen the bollywood movie, Tamizh Naadan’s preach will work.

Final Thoughts

Pasanga 2 is an average film if you look at the creativity side of the writing. It has discrete moments of warmth and cuteness.


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