Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Well let me begin the feedback on Star Wars : The Force Awakens by saying that I am not a big fan of the franchise. Most people whom I know who are addicted to this are those who were following these films from or around 1977. I happened to watch it in the recent past and looking at the time these films were made, they marked a giant leap in being a visual spectacle. With the Force Awakens episode, Star Wars sort of repeats its first part by presenting similar characters and conflicts.

The latest episode in the segment has Luke Skywalker gone missing. The Resistance is looking for him. The new dark side this time is The first order and they are on a mission to end the Resistance. The Force Awakens begins with The First Order chasing a Resistance pilot who was carrying a fragment of the map which has the location of Skywalker. What happens after that is what basically this episode of Star Wars narrating.

The witty feel of the franchise has considerably increased and I really think it is the influence of the recent Marvel films which had abundant humor. Star Wars films sets the bench mark of visual effects quality and this time they haven’t set a new bench mark to get astonished, but has done well in recreating the familiar ships and tools in a better and realistic way. The story as I said, sort of mimics the first part and it seems a little desperate to recreate all those iconic masks and tools.

Harrison Ford gets to be Han Solo in the old skin. The expressions are pretty much the same and it is only in the agility the veteran struggles. Carrie Fisher has a brief role as Princess Leia. The franchise seems to be investing more on three actors Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Adam driver for the upcoming sequel. While Daisy and John managed to create a good impression, Driver wasn’t that great and sort of justified Solo’s statement that he can’t be a replacement for Lord Vader.

Star Trek fame JJ Adams has tried to work on the nostalgic factor in this cinema. The characters screenplay has created are pretty much a copy of the characters we have seen in the initial segment of the franchise. The development is also similar to the patterns we are familiar to. All those disabling shield and attacking death star strategy gets a more visually emphatic presentation this time. The franchise is getting that Rocky to Creed style revamp with new characters sort of taking the places of the older ones. The visual effects and cinematography are impressive. The classic BGM is also there.

Overall, it will be a great experience for those Star Wars fans. As someone who hasn’t found it as an amusing one because of the fact that I watched those films very late, I felt it as a watchable good entertainer. Star Wars : The Force Awakens works because of the nostalgia factor.

PS: I Know that all the reviews out are saying this movie is glorious.

Final Thoughts

Star Wars : The Force Awakens works because of the nostalgia factor. It will be a great experience for those Star Wars fans.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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