Bulbbul from Anvita Dutt, the new Netflix original film produced by Anushka Sharma, is an odd horror film. It is actually not your usual horror story with suspense and twists. You can clearly see what’s coming your way and the movie rarely takes a detour from the familiar trajectory. But the quality production-design and the… Continue reading Bulbbul

Chaman Bahaar

Chaman Bahaar is a very confusing mixture of genres where you don’t really know whether to root for the character or not. For a large chunk of its run time, I was looking at it as a satire and then the movie started to act like a romantic comedy and this shifting from genre to… Continue reading Chaman Bahaar

Da 5 Bloods

When you are watching a Spike Lee film in the present political climate, you are very much looking forward to the statements he will make against a person like Donald Trump and of course, his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. But his new Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods is not trying to reduce… Continue reading Da 5 Bloods


In the last few years, we have seen Anubhav Sinha reinventing himself with issue-based films such as Mulk, Article 15, Thappad, etc.  The reason why those films managed to get acclaim and acceptance was that they effectively served the purpose of telling a story and at the same time shedding light on an issue. The… Continue reading Axone


The treatment of the movie Choked felt like it wants to shift the gears from third to fourth but never really got that clean stretch to make that shift. The new Anurag Kashyap movie will leave you wanting for more excitement in the tale. The build-up here is clever and it has multiple elements that… Continue reading Choked

Mrs. Serial Killer

An overacting Jacqueline Fernandez torturing us for roughly two hours and watching a talented actor like Manoj Bajpayee getting tortured in a horrendous movie for two hours is what Mrs. Serial Killer in a nutshell for me. Writer, director, editor, producer, composer Shirish Kunder is trying hard to make it look like some kind of… Continue reading Mrs. Serial Killer


The stunts you get to see in the new Netflix original film Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth is nothing short of spectacular. Stuntman turned director Sam Hargrave really pushes the boundaries of raw action in this film and with an emotional layer that eventually works in favor of the film in an okay way, I would… Continue reading Extraction