Project Power

The new Netflix original movie Project Power is a flashy action flick that has familiar components. The sci-fi elements combined with some sensible sentiments, this movie directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman is engaging for the viewer. But like I said, we are familiar with this kind of story arch and that does reduce… Continue reading Project Power

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

There are some biopics where the structure of the story might not impress you entirely, but a collective of some moving moments at regular intervals of time will keep you hooked on to the content, and eventually, the movie will become a memorable experience for you. Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, directed by Sharan Sharma… Continue reading Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Raat Akeli Hai

Raat Akeli Hai directed by Honey Trehan is a whodunit that isn’t completely surprising. Well, the trailer of the movie showed us an inspector Jatil Yadav who was completely clueless about the criminal. When it comes to the movie, that cluelessness is definitely there, but the excitement is slightly off. With the help of the… Continue reading Raat Akeli Hai

Indian Matchmaking

When you are watching a show like Indian Matchmaking that feels extremely problematic from the word go, you will be obviously curious to know what will be the ultimate stand of the show. Because you will be definitely in that baffled headspace seeing this cringe-fest in a premium OTT platform like Netflix. But from what… Continue reading Indian Matchmaking

Dark: Season 3

Depth in the presentation can always induce a particular curiosity in you to understand more about the subject and discuss it. During a 2017 interview, Jantje Friese, the co-creator of Dark was asked what she really wanted the audience to take away from the series. And in her reply, she said she will be happy… Continue reading Dark: Season 3


Bulbbul from Anvita Dutt, the new Netflix original film produced by Anushka Sharma, is an odd horror film. It is actually not your usual horror story with suspense and twists. You can clearly see what’s coming your way and the movie rarely takes a detour from the familiar trajectory. But the quality production-design and the… Continue reading Bulbbul

Chaman Bahaar

Chaman Bahaar is a very confusing mixture of genres where you don’t really know whether to root for the character or not. For a large chunk of its run time, I was looking at it as a satire and then the movie started to act like a romantic comedy and this shifting from genre to… Continue reading Chaman Bahaar

Da 5 Bloods

When you are watching a Spike Lee film in the present political climate, you are very much looking forward to the statements he will make against a person like Donald Trump and of course, his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. But his new Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods is not trying to reduce… Continue reading Da 5 Bloods