Tamaar Padaar

Tamaar Padaar literally exploded my pocket. It has this peculiar humor in the narrative but the film severely lacks one big thing called the story. All these beard promotions and pre release anticipations looked senseless after watching this film from Dileesh Nair.

Jumper Thampi and Tube light Mani are two circus artists who perform these roadside circus tricks for a living. One particular day after having hell a lot of alcohol they decided to do something crazy and a Police officer Pouran who happens to see this find a really big catch in this act. The mysteries behind this and how a selfless Pouran helps these guys to get out of trouble is what the movie talking about.

The brief in the above paragraph doesn’t look sensible right? Well just like I tried to cover the key points so that it won’t have much spoilers, writer director Dileesh Nair also narrates things vaguely. Every film will have a nucleolus from which the thread was built and in the case of Tamaar Padaar, I am yet to find it. If the preservation of rights of an individual was the concept’s core, I must say that this film has a very lame script in establishing that idea. The first half very slowly tries to establish a story for the victims Thampi and Mani. The humor there is very minimal and whatever was there was able to make the audience laugh. There is a drastic shift for the movie in the second half which kind of questions the relevance of the first half.

The basic problem with the direction is that it is an extremely sluggish narrative. Dileesh Nair comes from the Ashiq Abu school of film making and one thing he should have taken from the salt n pepper director was the technique to keep the movie engaging. The narrative is so dull that you kind of wait for the joke to slowly open up. The yawning rate was higher towards the climax as we get to see the bulging of a wafer-thin plot. The script is unique for a lot of wrong reasons. Alby’s cinematography was really good. Nice music and background score. Edits were unimpressive.

Prithviraj surprised me with his comedy rendering and that was the biggest positive of the movie for me. His overacting style comedy which we have seen in films like Teja Bhai was not there and the actor never made a mess of the Trivandrum Slang. Baburaj does his usual stuff. Chemban Vinod Jose and Srinda were really good. Maniyan Pilla Raju, Irshad, Shammy Thilakan, Vijay Babu and many others in the star cast did a decent job.

Overall Tamaar Padaar disappointed me. Acknowledging some good performances and a few good technical positives I am giving the movie a 2/5. It’s a bloated creation.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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