Two days back when I saw the movie Homely Meals, there was a scene where the film passionate main protagonist praises the cinematography of Ravi K Chandran. After having worked with so many brilliant film makers it’s a really shocking to see the ace cinematographer choosing a story like Yaan for his debut directorial venture. Written by the director himself, Yaan is that highly clichéd lame story that will go on disappointing you.

The focus of the movie is on Chandru. His parents died in an accident and his grandmother is taking care of him. The young man falls in love with a girl named Sreela during a shootout inside the city. As he became more serious about the relationship, his job profile becomes an issue. Chandru’s efforts for a job land him in a huge trouble. How he along with Sreela manages to escape from this situation is what Yaan talking about.

The movie is given the tone of an action movie and when you analyze it completely there is very less action. Ravi K Chandran has tried to do some visual experimentation in some action sequences, but with lack of perfection and lifeless expressions those experiments looked poor. I must admit that the exaggerated escape scene of the pair in the beginning of the movie looked stunning. The amateur script makes an unbelievable jump in the second half and we are in another country. Human rights violation, facebook campaign, songs without any sense woha! Where is it going? People found it really hard to digest and most of them left the cinema hall without completing the movie.

On screen, Jiiva is okay as Chandru. Thulasi Nair who looks exactly like her sister Karthika also did a nice job. Wasted characters for Nasser, Jayaprakash and many others.

Ravi K Chandran’s direction was sloppy. The script basically has nothing new or surprising about it. That climax twist is more of a non sense than a twist. Songs are awkwardly placed but I liked that Aathangara song. Cinematography isn’t that great. Action sequences weren’t executed perfectly. BGM was nice.

Overall Yaan is a huge disappointment. The rating is 1.5/5 for Ravi K Chandran’s Yawn which is wrongly spelt as Yaan.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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