Only thing that was intense in Dulqar Salman’s Theevram (intense) was the back ground music. Apart from the commendable cinematography of Hari Nair, there is nothing there in this Roopesh Peethambaran movie to make you happy. A cliché topic narrated in a lame way to bring down the intensity of the common audience.
Plot is a revenge story of the chief protagonist Harsha. His wife was brutally murdered by a guy and he plans to take revenge on him when he comes to know that his life imprisonment got reduced and he was released after four years. How Harsha takes revenge on the guy is the basic plot of this movie.

For an argument, the makers can say that this is a movie that has relevance as it is closely related to the harassments faced by women in the society and of cause the weakness and loop holes in our judicial system. But the script utterly fails in showcasing this thought in front of the audience. The predictability of the story and the cliché treatment is the biggest weakness of Theevram. The flash back style helps the first half of the movie to reasonably well. But the confused second half and the pathetic on screen performances makes the movie a boring watch.

On screen, Dulqar has very little to do in the movie in terms of acting. One thing that impressed me is the emotional scene were Dulqar cries and he managed to get applauds from the crowd. Sreenivasan was good in his SI Alex avatar. Vinay Fort did his limited role smartly. The rest of the cast was really pathetic. Shikha Nair was giving the same expression in almost all the scenes and the supporting cast also was poor.

In the making, Roopesh has his own ideas in direction. I loved the court scene with the “Agniyil Njan” song in the backdrop. But he miserably fails in scripting. The scenes were SI Alex imagines how Harsha would have used the room for the killing was a cool concept but the execution was bizarre. The story lacks freshness, the script lacks adrenalin and the dialogs were quite dramatic and honestly bad words won’t make the dialogs realistic. The cinematography, BGM and Music was really good.

On the whole Theevram is not worth the hype. Clichés and lack of fire makes this movie a boring one time watch. Acknowledging the photography and the tunes I am giving 2/5 and thumbs down for this Dulqar starrer.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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