Son Of Sardar

After watching “Son Of Sardar”, I was thinking about the controversy associated with the movie’s limited release. For such a silly skit fun which won’t even remain in our head after watching it, I think the number of theaters they got is more than enough. SOS is a childishly simple movie and the makers have made it a confused mix of baseless emotional drama and cliché slap stick fun with some instantly delivered comic dialogs.

The plot revolves around the Sardar Jassi who comes back to India to sell his ancestral property worth 50 Lacks. But he comes to know the fact that some of his father’s rivals, The Sandhu’s are waiting there for a chance to take revenge on him for the sins done by his father. Accidentally on arriving his village, Jassi happens to meet the Sandhu’s and he is invited to their home as their guest. When Sandhu’s knows the fact that Jassi is the one they have been waiting for they plan to kill him. But their culture of well behaving with guests doesn’t allow them to kill him at their home. When Jassi finds out that these are the guys who were waiting to kill him, he also tries to stay back in the home to save his ass. The plot basically revolves around this concept.

The movie starts of in an entertaining way (as a no brainer) but as it progressed the story became silly and silly making it look like a forgettable comedy circus. Apart from a few counter dialogs by the protagonists and the antagonists, there isn’t much in this movie to make you happy.

On screen Ajay Devgan has given his full range of expressions to make Jassi look smart and energetic. Sanjay Dutt did his part smoothly as Billu. Sonakshi was satisfying as the thunderbolt Sukh and Juhi Chawla was flawless as Pammi. Salman makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the movie and also in the final Po Po song.

In the making, Ashwini Dhir’s direction is way too simple and childish with compromised shots and unsynchronized scenes. Screenplay just goes like a discharge of crap and baseless fun. Only the dialogs save the movie from being called an utter crap. I don’t know why they used low quality cam for many of the fights and chase sequences. It was quite disturbing compared to the quality of the rest portion. VFX is not that great but the frames are colorful. The kind of art we see in these kinds of movies still reminds me of the Ramayan serials we used to see in the late 90’s.

On the whole Son Of Sardar is not worth the money you give for and it’s just a skit fun movie. I am giving 2/5 for this Diwali release. Watch, laugh, forget and forgive the makers.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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