If this was the real story of Silk Smitha, they should not have made this film; because the content of the movie is such a bizarre cliché. We have seen these kinds of films in the recent past like the bollywood films The Dirty Picture, Heroine and the Malayalam film Matinee. The new movie on Silk Smitha, Climax from director Anil is a poorly made film with a script that is predictably lame and filled with intolerable drama.

The plot here revolves around the main protagonist Supriya who had a very ordinary backdrop. With the help of a Malayalam film Director she starts her career. As she starts to build up a promising career, she meets a business man RK and the relationship moves on even after knowing that RK has a family. RK slowly starts to control Supriya’s life and the outcome of these along with the entry of a few more characters into Supriya’s life is the soul of Climax.

A few interesting things in the plot is that the amount of cinema in the story is very less and I strongly believe that it’s an attempt to escape from the controversies. Almost an 80% of the movie is restricted into hotel rooms and bungalows. The way the story moves is easily predictable and many of the sequences will remind us of those disgusting adult movies. The first half is quite charmless and the second half dramas will leave the audience howling and laughing while the characters in the film are crying and dying.

On screen, Sana Khan is convincing in terms of acting, but sadly her glamorous look doesn’t really suit the character that had a struggling past. If the intention of the makers was to show the innocence of the character, they would not have presented the character in such revealing get ups. Suresh Krishna is good in the antagonist avatar and Irshad also did his part nicely. The actor who played Suresh Krishna’s sons character in the movie was a complete failure and his psycho scenes will give you some serious headache.

In the making, Anil follows that old school style of direction and he just can’t really bring any sort of freshness into this repeated story line. The melodramatic script from Kaloor Dennis is an absolute let down and there isn’t a single moment in the screen play that will make you feel for any of the character. The songs are awkwardly placed to offer skin shows to a percentage of audience. The music is ordinary and the background music is outdated. Cinematographer has shown his talent in focusing the hot spots and the edits are lame.

Overall Climax is a bizarrely made cinema from director Anil. I am giving 1.5/5 for this disappointing ADULT movie. It won’t please you in any perspective.

Final Thoughts

Climax is a bizarrely made cinema from director Anil. It won't please you in any perspective.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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