Nautanki Saala

nautanki-saala-reviewRohan Sippy’s new directorial venture, Nautanki Saala is a film that fails to impress you with its unbaked comic sense. The scattered comedy will make you laugh at occasions but overall the content is quite a charmless drama that fails to work out.

The plot revolves two guys Ram Parmar (RP), a theater artist and Mandar Lele, a lonely gloomy guy. The acquaintance of these two begins when RP saves Mandar’s life when he was trying to commit suicide after his girlfriend Nandini broke his heart. RP’s attempt to patch up issues between Mandar and Nandini and the dramas that happens around these two guys is basically Nautanki Saala all about.

Well, the plot has no sense of freshness to it and luckily Rohan Sippy hasn’t tried to make it a no brainer comedy. The element that annoys you the most is the tempo of the movie. The first half narration is a speedy one and the pace makes the film unbaked at many points. There are many occasions in the film where we find things difficult to sync in. The second half is a dragging cliché drama that is a bit confused in terms of writing. Throughout the film RP is presented as a slightly selfish guy and the selfless deeds he is doing for Mandar isn’t that convincing.

On screen, it’s another charming performance from Ayushmann Khurana after his Vick Arora avatar. Even though the character is somewhat a repetition of his previous character, the styling suits Ayushmann’s way of acting. I was disappointed with Kunaal’s performance. The areas he made the audience laugh were largely dependent on the script rather than his acting caliber. Pooja Salvi’s performance was just about satisfactory and all those long lip locks may help her in getting some roles. Gaelyn Mendonca was nice as Chitra.

In the making, Rohan Sippy follows his Bluff master style and he is cool in handling the comedy segment but here he fails in mixing it up nicely. The script as I said is quick in the first half and dull and confused in the second half. Cinematography doesn’t have any significant impact in this flawed comedy. Music is a catchy one with some impressive tunes.

Overall, Nautanki Saala from Rohan Sippy is an unbaked comedy that depends a lot on Ayushmann Khurana. I am giving it a 2.5/5 and thumbs down for this hindi version of Apres Vous. It’s quite a dull narrative.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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