The Croods

the-croods-reviewConveying that good old message of being optimistic about the future and taking necessary risks, The Croods is a beautiful tale of a family who survives through hope. With abundant fun in the screenplay with dialogs, visuals and characterizations; this 98 minute long animated tale will surely give your cheeks a good time to exercise.

The plot here revolves around the Croods family. The father Grug is so strict and has taught his family that anything new is danger and he just doesn’t allow them to explore the world. On the other side, his daughter Eep is not ready to accept her father’s perspective. One day an earthquake destroys the cave of the Croods and they are forced to explore for a new hide out along with Guy, whom Eep met before the earthquake. The fun ride of the Croods along with Guy and how the mindset Grug changes through the journey is what this dream works product all about.

Well, after all it’s an animated film that just doesn’t depend on the message. The fun element is ample for both the adults and kids through dialogs and visuals. The most hilarious character was indeed the granny and the scenes were Grug tries to skip her from the count was hilarious. The difference in attitude of Guy and the Croods offers a lot of humor and the makers have planted it in a nice way. There are a lot of characters in the story other than the Croods and Guy who will be there in our mind even without a single dialog or much screen time.

The direction is smart enough to make the movie engaging and enjoyable for all kind of audience. It never goes too preachy and towards the climax the solo portion of Grug takes a dip from the fun feel, but at the end we won’t feel it as a negative; it definitely takes time to change mindsets. The dialogs are pretty cool and they have used the accessories smartly. The animation is really awesome and the scenes are rendered without losing the fun element. The cuts are nice and the BGM is fitting.

Overall The Croods is a very good choice for some light hearted fun. If you are someone who has an issue with Ice Age saga, then this one is not recommended. I am giving 4/5 and a smile for the family.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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