Student of The Year

Student of the year from Karan Johar is a fruit salad. Karan has nicely embedded all his previous films characters and their characteristics in his new venture. With a pinch of three idiots in the theme, SOTY from Dharma productions is good fun. Karan Johar gets back to his safe zone of multistarer love stories… Continue reading Student of The Year

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Jawan of Vellimala

Well, the movie Jawan of Vellimala from Anoop Kannan cannot be said as a disaster one. It’s a movie that fails to make the crucial impact and ends up in being an average one time watch entertainer. Some are saying its worst than Thappana, but for me it’s better than Thappana. Jawan of Vellimala fails… Continue reading Jawan of Vellimala

Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Comparing the new Lal Jose movie Ayalum  Njanum Thammil with his previous hit film Classmates is totally rubbish. The movie has very little to do with Classmates. Bobby-Sanjay’s Ayalum Njanum Thammil is a journey through the life of a doctor, in fact the journey through the most important phase of a doctor’s life. How he… Continue reading Ayalum Njanum Thammil


Looper is an attractive concept that will keep you engaged to the movie for its uniqueness. Even though the concept is unique on the long run it takes a few aids from previous concepts we have seen in films about time travelling and preventing the possible future and all. An engaging first half and an… Continue reading Looper


Director Sachin Kundalkar’s Aiyya was in the spot light first for the reason that it was produced by Anurag Kashyap. Then for its Wakda first look that made extreme reactions among audience. Well the result is not extreme and the movie ends up being an average one time watch. For Malayali audience who is seeing… Continue reading Aiyya

Taken 2

Taken 2 is indeed a thrilling experience. As the formula or feel they used in the first part wasn’t used in any of the other movies which came after it, this thriller is also an enjoyable cool ride. Only negative I felt was the starched out ending portion which kind of didn’t sync with the… Continue reading Taken 2


Well the most suitable one word description for Surya’s new film in the dual Avatar “Maatran” would be – Assembled Formula. The movie is not pathetic or boring. But what they have showed us on screen is a kind of a formula that Tamil cinema is now following. In the case of Maatran, it’s almost… Continue reading Maatran


A few years back there was a formula that did well in the box office. A mix of ghosts and fraud plays mixed with genuine comedy attracted almost all kinds of audience to the cinema halls. But the repeated versions made the audience to skip this kind of cinema. After watching Manthrikan you will also feel… Continue reading Manthrikan