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As a lot of you will be judging the review by just looking at the rating part, let me just say that Koodasha is a movie that has the possibility to work for you as it isn’t entirely typical. Yes, it is a lot confusing at certain points and a lot preachy too, but the central conflict that plays with the mental condition of the main character gives the movie a scope to make things exciting for a while and because of that Koodasha is a passable revenge drama.

Joy is our main character. He is a goon. Antony is one guy who is there with him for a long while. As Joy became older he became more concerned about his daughter Anu. His trauma reaches another level when he realizes a truth about Antony. Joy’s mind becomes confused about the timeline of a lot of events and Koodasha is showing us how he manages to break free from that confusion.

Once you finish watching the movie there will be almost equal numbers of interesting plot points and unnecessary or poorly crafted moments. I liked how the character played by Sai Kumar was placed to show us the mental state of the character played by hero Baburaj. But Koodasha fails greatly in keeping the suspense a secret. No, it was not like they were revealing it like that. You can easily guess what could be the possible thing happening here and after five or ten minutes, the movie will reveal it as a shocking plot twist. Almost the entire second half is a series of suspense and the sad part was that the movie couldn’t make any of those unpredictable. I felt disappointed because they were not actually trying to make basic revenge drama, but their efforts to make it peculiar never really became exciting.

Baburaj is extremely convincing as Joy. His by default roughness makes him physically apt for the character and the actor has a very natural approach in being that sensible and caring father. I actually loved the way he says the last dialogue to the antagonist in the movie which was a mix of his helplessness and anger. Aaryan Krishna Menon is convincing as Antony. Krittika Pradeep played the role of the daughter and she was also fine. Sai Kumar, Joy Mathew, Devan etc are the other prominent names in the cast.

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Dinu Thomas Eelan and Baburaj have jointly written the screenplay of this movie. Dinu’s making has an identity for sure as he treats scenes with a sensibility. But the efforts to make things complex isn’t working out really well. And the movie sort of gets distracted by subplots and fails to explain all of that properly. And like I said, in the beginning, it is struggling to make its suspense look appealing or shocking. There was a bit in the climax where Joy confronts the real villain, and that scene, in fact, shows us the potential of the movie. The cinematography was good while I felt the edits were a bit too awkward as it confuses us in a way the script doesn’t want us to get confused. Other technical aspects of this movie aren’t that strong and you have action bits that weren’t really necessary.

Koodasha might not be a movie that you will end up hating. It is a movie that had the scope to be a very exciting and unique thriller, but the packaging sort of spoils it. I liked Koodasha as a summarized story rather than a well-etched movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

I liked Koodasha as a summarized story rather than a well-etched movie. It is a movie that had the scope to be a very exciting and unique thriller, but the packaging sort of spoils it.

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