Sandakozhi 2

The new Linguswami movie Sandakozhi 2 isn’t a bad film. It’s all clichéd and predictable, yet there is a sense of engagement due to the treatment style. The overly eccentric violent saga is a passable one time watch with occasional moments of commercial high and same amount of typical Tamil masala exaggerations.

The festival in this particular village in Madhura hasn’t happened over 7 years due to the bloodshed that happened 7 years ago. The consent of all groups was required for the festival to happen. One of the groups was adamant on killing everyone from a particular group. Everyone finally agrees to conduct the festival when the chief Durai Ayya assures protection and peace for the festival. The movie shows us how this tensed situation gets handled by Ayya and his son Balu.

There is a pattern for the structuring of this movie that makes it a regular action film. Almost every situation in the movie is executed in a way where you will feel a kind of excitement and also a disappointment. There is a whole cover-up operation in the second half of the movie where you sort of witness awkward mimicry and sidetrack humor. And there is also a nicely edited interval fight sequence that manages to visualize the over the top ideas in a pleasing way. Even the twists and the turns aren’t that surprising. But Linguswamy doesn’t try to overdo it the way Hari or Sundar C does and that makes it a movie that can be called as a passable one.

Vishal is in his usual avatar in this character where he is naive in the beginning and gradually shows off his ability to paralyze tough guys with just one smack. Keerthy Suresh plays the role of Sembaruthi and manages to make her look likable. Rajkiran as Durai Ayya has that commanding look and charm. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s strong woman Pechi was largely one dimensional and it was a character that never got used properly.

Linguswamy is known for making the typical masala movies. Here he has chosen a script that is more towards the B and C audience and if you look at it in that aspect I feel this movie is much better. I mean it didn’t make me cringe the way something like a Kadaikkutty Singam did. Yes, the negatives are there for the movie. The lack of interest of the movie to be a little fresher in terms of plotting is the major problem with Sandakozhi 2. The familiar story elements like heroine not knowing the real identity of hero and the hero saving the moment with his extreme and rather illogical smartness etc are there and like I said, Linguswamy has managed to make all that look forgivable. The cinematography has the much-needed style quotient. While watching the movie, Yuvan’s music wasn’t really creating that excitement it usually creates when he joins someone like Linguswamy. The edits were impressive.

Sandakozhi 2 is more of a safe zone masala movie one would watch, smile and forget. It has its moments and its weaknesses. The wheelie done by Keerthy Suresh in the trailer along with that jump to catch the hen had made me reduce my expectations about the movie and I think that in a way that has helped me here in not feeling disappointed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Sandakozhi 2 is more of a safe zone masala movie one would watch, smile and forget. It has its moments and its weaknesses.


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