Rose Guitarinaal

Ranjan Pramod’s come back movie “Rose Guitarinaal” is a film that has an impressive emotional content about selfless, possessive and innocent shades of true love but the disappointing on screen performance of the main protagonists makes the movie just an ordinary triangle romance number. The actors just couldn’t convey the agony and excitement in the required volume.

The plot revolves around three characters. Joe aka Appu, Thara and Shyam are the main protagonists of the movie. Joe and Thara are childhood friends and Joe loves her but hasn’t revealed it. Thara is an airhostess trainee in an institute and Shyam is her CEO. When Joe plans to express his love to Thara, Shyam comes into her life and makes his intentions clear to her. The film is about the possessiveness of Joe, innocence of Thara and selflessness of Shyam when it comes to romance.

The plot is quite emotionally bonded and the movie required a scorching screen chemistry and charm in the relationships. But sadly that didn’t happen in the case of Rose Guitarinal. Abundant songs that are non typical along with robotic dialog delivery spoils the feel to an extent. Ranjan has tried to incorporate some other shades of true romance and love through other characters like Thara’s father and Joe’s parents.

In the making, I think the screenplay was a bit dragging as the content had its own constrains. The dialogs were pretty good but sadly on screen they looked too dramatic. Direction is also a bit weak and fails to keep us engaged. Cinematography is good but the edits could have been better. BGM theme music was a good one but the overall re recording was average. Music as I said is a fifty – fifty one. While some scored some failed.

On screen, the three wasn’t that promising. Athmeeya as Thara looked innocent but in pivotal scenes she didn’t showed the intense emotion which was necessary. I don’t know whether she was dubbed or it was her own voice. The sound lacked the feel big time. Manu was convincing as Joe, but the dialog delivery was bizarre at times. Richard Joy Thomas never really had a real challenging part and I must say he has a good smile. Jagdish, Joe Mathew and Thara Kurup did their part neatly and showed their experience. For me the best performer was Rejith Menon as the antagonist. Even though he had relatively lesser screen time, the guy pulled it off nicely.

Overall, “Rose Guitarinaal” is an average rom-com that disappoints for its casting. I am giving a generous 2.5/5 for this 2 hour long movie. Thankfully the melodrama was less in this one.

Final Thoughts

“Rose Guitarinaal” is an average rom-com that disappoints for its casting. Thankfully the melodrama was less in this one.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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