Vana Yudham

The main USP of the latest Tamil movie Vana Yudham is not its making or story. It’s the curiosity of the public to know about a man who literally ruled the jungles in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu – Karnataka border for almost 30 years doing various kinds of smuggling. The makers claim that they are presenting the story that many people don’t know about Veerappan. But sadly the movie largely concentrates on the operation that saw the death of the jungle king.

There is no need to give introduction about the movie’s content as it is about the movie. The film depicts the incidents that created this huge character who kind of knew each and every movement of the forest.  The first half of the movie is a simple and direct narrative on various incidents in Veerappan’s life. His first arrest, how he started it, various assassinations he did, the famous kidnapping of actor Raj Kumar etc. The second half of the movie largely deals with the operation done by the task force lead by Vijay Kumar to finish the tycoon.

In an attempt to bring the story of one of the most dreaded dacoit, the makers have skipped many portions that everyone might have looked forward to see. There is nothing about the family of Veerappan and the personal side of him (Which got removed due to protest). The entire first half does not have that crispiness to attract the viewer. It has been visualized from a neutral point of view. The second half of the movie thankfully offers something new and throws light on the events that happened prior to operation cocoon.

On screen Kishore has played the Veerappan part nicely. His body language and physique makes him apt for the role.  Arjun has done his part in his safe zone as the head of the operation, Vijay Kumar. The rest of the cast mainly the gang members have done a good job. Lakshmi Rai’s role doesn’t have any significance in the movie.

In the making, direction wasn’t up to the standard. The real feel that should have been added in the treatment was missing in Ramesh’s treatment. Script in the first half is just a series of gun shots and kidnaps that summarized the dacoit life of Veerappan. The second half script had some engaging elements, but still it lacked a operational level coolness. Cinematography is impressive and the cuts also are pretty nice. The BGM was a bit on the overdose side.

On the whole, Vana Yudham is a commercially treated biopic movie of Veerappan that goes half baked due to some missing sequences and uninteresting treatment. I am giving 2.5/5 for this A M R Ramesh movie. If they can release an uncut DVD; that may well be a deserving watch.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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