Kili Poyi

Firstly, it is not everyone’s dish and in its own class of popcorn hangout fun Kili Poyi from Vinay Govind is a fun film. If you are someone who believes that films like Trivandrum Lodge and Nee Ko Nja Cha are unworthy entertainers, you should skip this one and half hour long film.

The movie revolves around two friends who are working in Bangalore. Much like many malayali youngsters there, they are also living a stress filled life. Their world is filled with cigars, ganjas and drinks. To get some free air and relaxation Chacko and Hari decide to take a break and go for a trip. With all the possible naughty plays, the trip gets messed up and the friends get into trouble as they get involved in high level drug deal. The movie is basically about the chaos they had to face and the ultimate safe landing of the friends.

The plot itself is filled with filmographies of many bollywood films that managed to hit the bull’s eye with their fresh and bold takes. The basic thread is squeezed out from Delhi Belly and a few incidents have similarities with Farhan Akthar’s Dil Chahtha Hei. The abundant use of the F word and the Malayalam abuses   can annoy the conventional viewer who is basically looking for a story. One plus of the movie is its run time which saves the movie from being called as a dragger.

In the making Vinay Govind is indeed a good promise. He has tried to understand the viewer’s perspectives and tactically avoided the cliché. The screenplay as I said never goes to an over the top charm but maintains a good rhythm. Dialogs are too natural and cool. The viewers who like the typical Malayalam film with the Valluvanadan language will not be pleased for its raw treatment. Cinematography and the coloring give the movie a real cool feel which was essential. The edits of Mahesh Narayanan adds a good rhythm. The most interesting technical aspect from the movie is the BGM score of Rahul Raj. The BG score he used for the climax chaos fight was damn good fun with a creative blend of Malayalam and English words.

On screen, Asif Ali goes back to his safe zone and he has done a good job as Chacko. Aju at the same time did his part very smartly. Too much clarity in the dialog delivery annoys at some occasions. Sampath shines as Rana. Raveendran as Disco Douglas was also convincing. Joju George, Sreejith Ravi and Mridul Nair also gets characters with good screen presence. Sadly none of the female protagonists had the charm to impress.

Overall, Kili Poyi deserves an A for its content. If you feel that this movie is pathetic, please let me know what made you enjoy a film like Delhi Belly. I am giving 2.5/5 for this smoke filled entertainer. I hope you were not expecting anything drastic or inspiring from a film titled “Kili Poyi”.

Final Thoughts

Kili Poyi deserves an A for its content. If you feel that this movie is pathetic, please let me know what made you enjoy a film like Delhi Belly.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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