Looper is an attractive concept that will keep you engaged to the movie for its uniqueness. Even though the concept is unique on the long run it takes a few aids from previous concepts we have seen in films about time travelling and preventing the possible future and all. An engaging first half and an… Continue reading Looper

Taken 2

Taken 2 is indeed a thrilling experience. As the formula or feel they used in the first part wasn’t used in any of the other movies which came after it, this thriller is also an enjoyable cool ride. Only negative I felt was the starched out ending portion which kind of didn’t sync with the… Continue reading Taken 2

Resident Evil Retribution

Personally I feel that it’s high time they put an end to the Resident Evil saga which just revolves around a silly concept which kind of attracted film makers a decade back. Well the new Retribution package from writer director Paul Anderson doesn’t really appeal in any way to make me think differently about the… Continue reading Resident Evil Retribution

Expendables 2

Expendables second part is a bizarre mix of cliché and predictability. A too simple story line with unwanted special appearances to give it an all star feel has literally destroyed the entire movie. Apart from some brutal fight sequences and occasional cool dialogs, there is nothing in the movie to make it an interesting watch.… Continue reading Expendables 2

Total Recall

The new version of the 1990 sci-fi thriller “Total Recall” is indeed an enjoyable movie. Been hearing some negative feed backs about the movie, but from my perspective the movie is created with required sincerity. The basic story is the same, but they have changed the plot to another level. The kind of structuring and… Continue reading Total Recall

Step Up Revolution

The new movie in the Step Up series doesn’t really offer anything beyond cool moves. Much like its prequels, Revolution is also a showcase of eye candy dance with a story structure that has nothing to offer new. There is a message and purpose for the story, but the honesty behind such an embedded message… Continue reading Step Up Revolution

Ice Age 4- Continental Drift

Ice Age 4 is a total fun filled entertainer not just for kids but for all ages. No great deviation from the main soul and plot of the movie. But the funny interpretation of the phenomenal continental drift was really impressive. Packed with quality humor and animation, this movie is a superb package. The story… Continue reading Ice Age 4- Continental Drift

The Dark Knight Rises

The epic conclusion of one of the trilogy that’s been there in the minds of audience for around 9 years is indeed a classic one. Christopher Nolan amazes us again with his impeccable way of making fantasy movies. The multi layered narration and signature style direction makes this movie a truly amazing cinematic experience. I… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises