The Good Dinosaur

The less explored script is the only downside of the new Pixar venture, The Good Dinosaur. With humor ample to keep the audience engaged to the wonderfully visualized animated feature film, The Good Dinosaur with its 100 minutes runtime is a decent entertainer and will be a good choice if you are planning to take your kid for a movie this weekend.

Arlo is the third child of two dinosaurs. Unlike the other Dinosaurs he is a little small in size and is little too much scared about the surroundings. While his siblings earned their mark quite early, the scared Arlo wasn’t able to overcome his fear. The film basically tells us about the change that happens in his character after he met this little boy who he calls Spot.

Well from that first scene which shows the civilized Dinosaur life style, it is clear that the aim is to cater fun to the kids. And much like most of the animated flicks these days, the humor that happens during the situations through dialogues and gestures does entertain all ages. The film has a really fun filled first half where you get to laugh the most, towards that last half an hour or so the plot becomes too typical and easy to guess and thus there isn’t that ending excitement we would expect.

Peter Sohn has conceived the idea in the much required humorous way. There is this brisk speed and fair enough depth in the narration. As I said, if the story would have adopted a different path in that climax portion, the end would have looked better. The humor was good. As always the quality of animation looked great. I must say that Spot looked so adorable at many scenes. The bgms and edits were fine. All the actors who gave the voices for the characters did justice by having that correct tone of voice.

On the whole The Good Dinosaur is harmless and enjoyable with a predictable climax. I had a great time inside the cinema hall as there were a few kids whose response to certain sequences in the movie created laughter among the audience. It’s a good choice for a family weekend plan.

Final Thoughts

The Good Dinosaur is harmless and enjoyable with a predictable climax. It’s a good choice for a family weekend plan.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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