People howled on a scene in director Kamal’s new film Celluloid where J C Daniel describes the story of his Vigathakumaran to his leading lady Rosamma aka Rosi. I felt really bad for them as most of commercial masala’s are still following the same pattern and these people were clapping for those. Celluloid is the… Continue reading Celluloid

Dracula 2012

Mediocre film making at its peak. That’s what I can say about director Vinayan’s new experiment “Dracula 2012”. A movie that was supposed to scare the audience never even comes anywhere being scary. Cliché story telling with predictable sequences with dramatic and unreal dialogs along with bizarre performances of the debutants, the movie is a… Continue reading Dracula 2012


Bigger names make bigger mistakes. After watching the Mohanlal starrer Lokpal you will surely be clueless about what convinced Mohanlal and Joshy to do an unbelievably flawed script. A poor blend of “4 the people” and “Kalikkalam” put in a backdrop of modern day anti-corruption movement, Lokpal is a movie that will leave you surprised… Continue reading Lokpal

Kammath and Kammath

Couple of days before the grand release of the movie Kammath and Kammath, actor Dileep said that the story of the movie revolves around the arrival of the Kammath brothers in Palakkadu and the problems they face surrounding it. Well after watching the movie I seriously have some disagreements. Well you guys can watch and… Continue reading Kammath and Kammath

Annum Innum Ennum

Annum Innum Ennum is a movie that tries to throw light on the socially relevant yet less discussed issue of married life after bursts, divorces and all in chilled manner. The caricature nature of the characters and the predictability of the narration make the movie a dull one. Even though they have tried to remove… Continue reading Annum Innum Ennum


Compared to his very childish debut venture “Janapriyan”, Boban Samuel’s new outing in the box office “Romans” is a pleasing comedy entertainer that wont make you regret the time spent if you are expecting a light hearted comedy. Even though the story highly relies on many typical Malayalam movies which had these elements of thieves,… Continue reading Romans

Isaac Newton Son of Philipose

Isaac Newton Son of Philipose directed by debutant V Bose is a typical comedy- family entertainer that loses its comic essence because of the silliness in its soul. The usual formula of commercial movie with a plot that has no freshness is what this movie offering its audience. The plot revolves around the title protagonists… Continue reading Isaac Newton Son of Philipose