King Liar

King Liar celebrates the reunion of the epic combo Siddique- Lal. But the movie doesn’t really generate the feel we expect when both of them combines for a project. The movie does offer you a good amount of humor, but that’s strictly because of the dialogues which were written by Bipin Chandran. With the plot going too ambitious towards the end and having all these melodramatic solutions to problems, King Liar is a watchable Dileep movie.

Sathyan (I forgot the full name) is this conman who is trying to impress this girl Anjali. He actually runs a business of creating forged documents but in front of Anjali he acts as a wealthy business man. His one trick to save this relationship from breaking ends up in a scenario where he grabs the attention of a fashion tycoon Mr. Varma. How that changes his life and what all challenges came in front of him is what King Liar all about.

It is basically a dialogue driven comedy rather than a content driven one. Dileep with his unique style performs the fast paced exaggerated jokes very smoothly. The story moves like a conman’s love story in the first half and in the second half he sort of becomes a love guru trying to do a patch up with “amazing” master plan. As already mentioned, the story isn’t that absorbing. Imagining our hero as this business master mind and relationship Guru is pretty much an indigestible idea. The whole beauty contest backdrop and the cheesy conclusion look very lame.

In his typical style Dileep owns whatever good is there in this movie. Just like 2 Countries, by the time you come out of the theatre you will be saying “Only Dileep can do this”. It is actually a compliment for the actor and a warning for the movie. It is definitely this theatrical, exaggerated stuff. But Dileep makes it an enjoyable one. Madonna Sebastian was fine. Dialogue delivery has issues when there is drama in it. Balu Varghese as the quintessential companion of the hero did a good performance with all the “shitty” jokes.  Lal was fine with his looks and usual performance. Asha Sarath was a bit too eccentric.  Many more like Joy Mathew, Hareesh etc. are there in the film.

The major disappointment is when you look at the movie as a product from Siddique Lal combo. The screenplay written by the duo doesn’t have this authenticity to its credit. The one liner got developed in a less amusing way. More than situations, it was the verbal exchange (largely improvised) offering the fun. Lal has directed this movie along with his son and still the treatment is somewhere near Cobra. The introduction scene of the hero, the first meeting of characters played by Asha Sarath and Dileep, the cheesy climax speech of the ladies, Sathyan trying to convince his boss about some hallucination issue etc. are definitely annoying. Alby’s camera has captured the luxury very neatly. Background score was okay but the music from Alex Paul sounded terrible.

I would call King Liar an average Dileep movie. It isn’t as bad as the Villaliveeran, Sringaravelan like movies, but it doesn’t completely convince you. King Liar is more of a Lal movie and not a Siddique Lal cinema. For those who enjoyed 2 Countries, this one is a onetime watch. Those of you hated that movie, just stay away.

Final Thoughts

King Liar is more of a Lal movie and not a Siddique Lal cinema. For those who enjoyed 2 Countries, this one is a onetime watch. Those of you hated that movie, just stay away.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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