The lack of a good director is evident in every visual of the movie Shikhamani. I am not saying the script is great or something. But what strikes the most in this dull thriller is the carelessness of the director. A least possible plot gets narrated in the most predictable way and there is nothing in the content or making that will make you say that part was nice.

Shikhamani is a railway gangman in a forest area (forgot the name of the forest). The much dedicated and fearless railway employee happens to see this girl during his usual patrolling. She was injured and soon Shikhamani knows that she was part of a terrorist organization. How Shikhamani deals with the situation and how he tries to save her is what this movie all about.

Mridula Murali plays the role of this girl. She just has this one small bag with her and throughout the film you can see her wearing various dresses. When you create a situational thriller like this, these kinds of mistakes aren’t pardonable. J D Chakravarthy has a crucial role in the movie and towards the climax you can see him moving from one point to another point in a flash and he isn’t even gasping (even Kumbidi was feeling tired after covering a distance less than that). And the whole terrorist thing sounds unconvincing. And this main focus of chasing the girl looks way too extended. Unnecessary humor subplots are there and certain dialogues are really gross.

Chemban Vinod Jose was trying to deliver a controlled performance I guess, but on screen it looked like a half hearted effort. Mridula Murali was okay doing the character of the female lead. J D Chakravarthy wasn’t that great. Quality actors like Mukesh, Saikumar and Sunil Sughada were wasted.

Vinod Guruvayoor hasn’t tried to explore the backdrop he created for the movie. A character like Shikhamani, fearless man who knows every part of a thick forest could have been used in a much better plot than this one. The movie isn’t necessarily trying to convey any thought. The extended feel to the whole chase portion sort of bores you. Stunts are lame. The helicam shots were good. The edits looked cluttered. Songs aren’t in sync with the narrative. BGM sounds excessive at many areas.

I would say Shikhamani hasn’t used its potential. With striking technical flaws and a story that doesn’t have much of a novelty or excitement to its credit, this film is extremely disappointing.

Final Thoughts

With striking technical flaws and a story that doesn’t have much of a novelty or excitement to its credit, Shikhamani is extremely disappointing.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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